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Frau mit Mailing inkl. Antwortkarte

Make things easy for your potential clients by providing straightforward reply options to your marketing efforts (e.g. mailing campaigns, catalogues, tip-on cards etc.). Depending on the objective of your campaign, you can prepare a personalised and addressed reply mail option or one that can be completed as desired. You will pay for postage, which saves your clients a stamp and a trip to a postal service branch.

Your benefits:

  • Formats that attract attention
  • Free and easy reply options for your target audience
  • Unequivocal call for action for your clients, which will increase the response rate
  • Makes the success of marketing efforts quantifiable
  • Easy way of gathering new addresses
  • No minimum volume
  • You will be charged only the reply mail items that are actually sent back

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Design your reply mail item with a pre-printed reply address. Templates and specifications for reply mail cards and envelopes are available in the download area. Please note that the minimum paper thickness for reply cards up to A6 is 160g/m² and 200 g/m² for items larger than A6.
  2. In addition, please indicate "ANTWORTSENDUNG" (reply mail) above the address on your reply mail item. This information must be bold and easy to see.

Recommended Service

Recommended Service

A classic approach to sales: letter and reply mail.


Recommended Service

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