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Address Check, the Efficient Business Solution by Austrian Post

Excellent direct mailing campaigns can be worthless if they don’t reach the people they have been created for. Reduce the number of undeliverable items as a result of missing address parts, unknown addresses or insufficient address quality. That’s where our ADRESS CHECK service comes in:


  • System recognizes clients who have moved and the new address is provided
  • Deceased clients are highlighted
  • System recognizes undeliverable addresses
  • Missing staircase and door numbers will be added

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Since the postboxes at buildings with multiple parties were changed to postboxes with slot openings that comply with EU regulations in April 2013,  many postboxes don’t include the residents’  name, but merely a door number. This means that indicating staircase and door numbers is key to ensuring correct delivery

Make sure your campaign items reach their destination:

Increase your advertising campaign’s success rate by having your addresses checked free of charge with our ADRESS CHECK service! You will receive an analysis report and a quote, based on which you will be able to decide if you would like us to clean up your data. Your updated data will be available for download shortly after you have provided the purchase order.


Would you like to learn more about our ADRESS CHECK services?
Our experts will be happy to help. Contact us to find out how you can get your addresses analysed free of charge and have them corrected with our ADRESS CHECK service. This will help reduce the amount of return items.

  • Provides the current address after the person has moved
  • Hghlights the addresses of persons who have moved and of deceased and unknown persons
  • Complements incomplete addresses with staircase and door numbers
  • Updates old and incorrect addresses
  • Checks for doubly entries
  • Checks your addresses against the "Robinson list" = low mailing expenses 
    = find clients that have moved
    = your mail will reach the correct recipient


 ADDRESS CHECK Rate Overview

Rates in EUR

Database flat fee per order


ADDRESS CHECK volume-specific rates

per 1,000 data sets

Recipient verification (Check.Person) *


Postal verification (Check.Post) *


Check for duplicates (Check.Double)


Check against Robinson list (Check.Robinson)**


ADDRESS CHECK rates for positive results

per positive result

Moving result


Highlighting the old address
(without information about the new address)


Deceased person


Additional information staircase/door number




 * Check.Person is available in combination with Check.Post only.

** Check.Robinson is available in combination with Check.Person only.

All rates exclude tax, i.e. all statutory taxes and duties, especially VAT. Rates apply until further notice and are subject to mistakes and typographical errors.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


All rates indicated above are in Euro and exclude VAT and other statutory taxes, rates apply until further notice, no responsibility for mistakes or typographical errors.

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