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Info.Post Select (partially addressed)

Info.Post Select, partially addressed items, efficient business solutions by Austrian Post

Info.Post Select helps you address your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. With Info.Post Select, your mail items will be sent exclusively to selected households whose residents' interests are a good match for your product or service. This is targeted advertising at its best. Our database makes it  happen.

Thanks to this targeted approach, you will benefit from lower advertising expenses, a clearly higher success rate and better response rates.

Info.Post Select are partially addressed items. While the address does not include names, it is the postal address of a building or house whose residents have specific interests. This allows you to select and address your target audience with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Targeted addresses trump general distribution
  • Addresses are a perfect fit for your needs
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Fewer items translate into large savings
  • Partially addressed items keep postage low
  • Excellent advertising effect
  • Great option for winning new clients

From our database of 1.3 million residential buildings and 3.8 million households, we will select the ones to match your needs. Our selection criteria include age, profession, purchasing behaviour  and attitude towards life. With our selected addresses, your message will certainly reach the right target audience.

Items that qualify for delivery as Info.Post Select items include the following: advertising letters, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, gift certificates, brochures, catalogues and especially samples.

To qualify, all items must be identical both in content and form (including dimensions and weight). The only differences between items may be their numbering, e.g. in the case of tickets for prize draws.

Invoices, valuable objects, data carriers and documents with personal data may not be sent as Info.Post Select items.

Every Info.Post Select item must include the following information, which must be easy to read:
Österreichische Post AG
Info.Post SELECT Entgelt bezahlt

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