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Info.Post Classic

Use Info.Post Classic to send brochures, leaflets, gift certificates, samples etc. to all households in your target area, starting at just 400 units! Smaller volumes may also be sent as Info.Post items, provided that a surcharge is paid. Category A postage will apply (see rates).

Prerequisites for sending your items as Info.Post Classic items: all items must be identical in terms of content and physical appearance.

If you have machine processable items, you also have the option of sending them via Info.Post Collect in a sleeve that is sure to get everybody's attention ("KUVERT").

Important basic information for Info.Post Classic:

Suited for Brochures, certificates, special formats, samples
Delivery individually
Minimum amount 400 units
Delivery time E +5 (5 business days after posting)
Rate from EUR 6,79* per 100 units
Drop-off at 6 distribution centres, our postal branches and at Post Partnerns
Addressees 3.1 mio. households
Maximum dimensions 324 x 229 x 24 mm
Maximum weight 250 g
Minimum dimensions 140 x 90 mm
Shipping documents Posting list as defined in Post.ShippingManager

*plus tax and advertising levy

Shipping conditions and rates for items with diverging dimensions and weight classes can be arranged.

Info.Post Classic items are mailed in locality bundles (i.e., bundles with idential postcodes). Please separate bundles that include more than 200 items by using divider sheets or placing them at a 90 degree angle and make bundles of 100 or 200 each. The height per bundle may range between 20 mm and 235 mm. The maximum weight is 10 kg.

Please tie your bundles to ensure that they withstand all delivery processes. Info.Post Classic items that are not suited for bundling may be posted in envelopes, carboard boxes or other containers. The maximum total weight is always 10 kg.

Each bundle (envelope, box or container) needs to be accompanied by a completed bundle label. To create them, use the latest software version of Post.Versandmanager (Shipping Manager).

Please get your bundles (or envelopes, boxes or containers) ready for delivery (e.g. on pallets, in packages etc.) and drop them off at one of our postal branches.

In addition to the bundle labels, you will need a posting list, correctly completed as per the instructions provided in our Posting Manager, as well as a sample of your Info.Post Classic item.


All Info.Post Classic items may include the information "Zugestellt durch Österreichische Post" (delivered by Austrian Post).

You can post your Info.Post Classic items packaged or unpackaged, open or closed. If you choose to post them unclosed, please make sure that the content cannot fall out. During all stages of shipping, the packaging must protect the content against loss and damage due to pressure, impact and falling. Austrian Post is entitled to open Info.Post Classic items at any time during the shipping process for inspection.

We reserve the right to open Info.Post Classic items at any time during shipping for inspection purposes.


If your Info.Post Classic items exceed the maximum weight of 600 kg or one Euro-pallet, they must be posted at specific postal branches and locations equipped with large volume counters. An updated list of these postal branches is available in the "download" section.

If your shipment includes more than 50,000 Info.Post Classic items, please notify us ahead of time by using the latest version of our Post.Shipping Manager software tool. Notifications must be received at least five business days (excluding Saturdays) before you post your items. This process will allow us to ensure smoothless shipping and delivery.

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