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International Direct Mail

International Direct Mail (IDM) is a great option if your mail volume is low, but you would still like to benefit from inexpensive shipping and smooth handling processes. Internaional Direct Mail is available for the following countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.


  • Saves time: No need for complex pre-sorting processes.
  • Saves money:  Inexpensive shipping is available even for small volumes thanks to our unit/kilo rate.
  • Flexible postage options: Depending on your communicative objective, you can choose between Austrian postage or the permit imprint used in the country of destination ("local look").
  • Easy to use: Post your items at any postal branch or Post.Partner.
Shipping requirements
Formats  Length  Width  Height  Weight
P 140-245 mm 90-165 mm max. 5 mm max. 100 g
G 140-381 mm 90-305 mm max. 20mm max. 500 g
(L+B+H = 900 mm)
140-500 mm 90-500 mm max. 500 mm max. 2,000 g
Minimum amount:  100 units per country and batch
Specifications:  Identical content, format and weight required
Sorting:  By Format (P/G/E), country and weight