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The digital plus for your leaflets, offers and discounts

New: you can now additionally promote your leaflets and special offers online on! Benefit from even better reach and no wastage.

Austrian Post supports this web site, which has about 20 million views of leaflet sites per month, making it one of the leading online portals for advertising material in Austria.

Your leaflets and special offers will not only be promoted on the platform itself, but also on social media as well as in the newsletter which is published twice a week. In addition, clients of Austrian Post benefit from intuitive and straightforward pricing and billing. We also have attractive packages without any hidden costs.

  • Target advertising refusers: our discount finder allows you to address clients who don't receive print leaflets.
  • High-quality client contacts: clients usually spend an above-average amount of time browsing digital leaflets
  • Regional targeting: you can specify which leaflets will be displayed per region.
  • Additional clicks in your online store: upon request, we can place a link from our discount finder to your online store.
  • Dynamic pricing model depending on the amount of leaflets that have actually been looked at: just EUR 0.25 per accessed leaflet
  • Visits per month: 1.4 mio.
  • Visit per user and month: 4
  • Users per month: 320,000
  • Pages per visit: 28
  • App downloads: 680,000
Source: Aktionsfinder December 2018
If you are interested in this service, please e-mail us at: