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Online Marketing

Attracting new clients
In light of the increasing numbers of Internet users, online marketing has become even better way to attract new clients. No matter how big or small your company, the world wide web has great opportunities for getting in touch with potential clients, including your own web site, SEO, banner advertising and many other options.

Building customer loyalty
If your goal is building customer loyalty, then e-mail marketing is an essential tool for you.  Newsletters sent out on a regular basis add value to your relationship with clients and provide interesting information. This ongoing interaction ultimtely increases clients' loyalty to your company.

More efficient processes
The Internet makes many processes easier and more efficient.  It gives consumers the opportunity to actively look for information about products and services and to participate in contests as well as order catalogues by providing their personal data themselves. It also allows participants in market surveys to provide their answers without any assistance and lets shoppers to place their online orders. It is also easier than eve before to track success rates.

Cross-media solutions
By combining traditional advertising material, e.g. direct mailing items and leaflets, with the new opportunities of the online world, companies can create multi-step interactive processes with their clients. Even a small increase in the advertising budget will considerably increase the success rate over traditional advertising alone.

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  • Landing page including a form with your corporate identity:
  • Prompts clients to provide name/mailing address/e-mail address + 2-3 additional questions (includes double opt-in)
  • List of sign-ups will be exported after the campaign
Example Rate
Website programming and implementation EUR 3,000

Function: number of pages on the web site: 5
a) Screen for entering name and e-mail address
b) Screen for entering client data
c) Thank you screen
d) Terms and conditions for participating
e) Legal information

  • Screens a and b are used for client registration purposes
  • Save data to the database
  • Export data as a cvs file
  • Screens c, d and e have static content


  • Programming 5 pages following a layout provided by the clients
  • Database programming and linking it to the website
  • Creating a virtual server for hosting purposes
  • Final export of all database data after the conclusion of the campaign


Well-planned and efficiently implemented e-mail marketing campaigns can help grow your business, increase your brand recognition and increase your market share. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • more than 200,000 consumer addresses
  • more than 2,000,000 addresses of Austrian partners
  • select addresses by specific criteria such as gender, postcode, age
  • target high-potential buyers and customers interested in special offers, discounts and coupons
  • successfully support your advertising campaigns with e-mail marketing activities

Three easy steps to success:

1.) Together, we will define the very best target audience for your e-mail marketing campaign and we will subsequently select the right addresses from our comprehensive pool of addresses.

2.) We will create your mailing campaign based on your templates and content. As soon as you have authorized the material, we will start sending it out

3.) We will send you monthly reports with all relevant information including volumes sent as well as click rates etc.

We will be happy to assist you. Please contact us at


If you would like to increase your company's brand recognition, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are the tools of choice.


  • Analyse the current ranking
  • Analyse the current indexing
  • Analyse the URL
  • Technical website verification
  • Design (impact on search engines)
  • Helpful hints regarding the content
  • Analyse external links
  • Webmaster tool (provided by Google)
  • Tricks / Cheats


  • Analyse campaign settings 
  • Analyse key words
  • Review ad copy
  • Evaluate landing pages

Use our mobile marketing concepts to make sure your clients can benefit from your company's products and services wherever they are! We will deliver your advertising message directly to your clients' mobile phones (e.g. as mobile ads, mobile apps, web apps, location-based services etc). This will guarantee constant interaction with your clients, which is exactly what you need.

Full-Service Campaign Management

  • Technical implentation
  • Sending
  • Reporting
    =   your one-stop shop
Template and account setup EUR 1,100
User fee per month EUR 250
Sending fee per month (up to 15,000 e-mails) EUR 150
Full service (design and sending) EUR 550