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Advertising Rates

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In this section, you will find comprehensive information about our rates.


Your best choice for personalised and targeted advertising. 



Choose this option to send out your unaddressed direct mail, ranging from leaflets to catalogues.


Info.Post Select

We proudly present our new high-quality format. It includes delivery with pinpoint accuracy and takes guesswork out of the equation.



Use this service to get your advertising material delivered to as many as 3.1 million households! KUVERT is the perfect place for your advertising to be. It's available twice a week.



If you would like to address your target audience with pinpoint accuracy, you have come to the right place. 


Check Addresses

Save time and money with high-quality addresses. Austrian Post will check your addresses and add information, if desired.


Purchase Addresses

We know where your target audience lives. Click here to find the very best residential and business addresses for your campaign.



Let us produce your advertising material in superior quality, from leaflets to 3D mailing campaigns. We will take your success rate to the next level.


Returns & Response

Rely on Austrian Post to measure your success rate. We will collect, record and analyse all your clients' feedback. Our services are available for landing pages, text messages, reply mail and coupons.


Market Research/Studies

In this section, you will find our latest studies, insightful data and information about major trends.


Special Advertising Formats

Let us find innovative approaches that will work for you, ranging from TIP-ON CARDS to prize draws.


Customer Profile Analyses

Let Austrian Post analyse your customer data to find the most promising target audience.