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Business correspondence, registered mail and additional services

We recommend sending important business documents via registered mail. We will confirm that you have posted the item and we will document the delivery of your item. In addition, the content of your item will be insured against loss, theft and damage for up to 75 euro.

Depending on the importance of your content, you can make your registered mail item even safer by combining it with other additional services (deliver to addressee only, advice of receipt, do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail etc.)

Among others, registered mail is a great choice for the following documents:


  • Contracts
  • Terminations
  • Important documents
  • Job application documents
  • Legal correspondence
  • Tax declarations
  • Bank data
  • Merchandise
  • etc.

The following services are available in combination with "registered mail":

Our additional service "item tracking" can be used for our basic products S and M packets free of charge. Austrian Post will provide proof that the item has been posted and will also confirm its delivery.

To track your item, just go to and enter your item number (available to senders and addressees alike). Our additional service "item tracking" is not available in combination with other additional services (e.g. registered mail, cash on delivery etc.)

Items that range between the dimensions length + width + height = 900 mm and the format L 1,000 mm x W 600 mm x H 600 may be posted with the additional service "item tracking" only.

In addition, you will have insurance coverage of up to EUR 50 for loss, theft and damage for your item.

When posting your registered mail item at the counter, you as the sender have the option of purchasing our additional service "sender information." All you have to do is provide your e-mail address or mobile phone number. You will subsequently receive a delivery notification via e-mail or text message as soon as the item has been delivered.

This service is available for domestic mail only.

Sender information is available for up to 50 items.

Our "deliver to addressee only" service is available for a surcharge of EUR 2.20 if you would like to have your item delivered personally to the addressee or a person authorized to receive mail items on his or her behalf.

Please indicate "deliver to addressee only" on the address side of your letter. This service is available only in combination with our registered mail service.

Use this service priced at EUR 1.10 to have your item delivered to the addressee in person and not to an authorized agent.

This service is only available in combination with "registered mail" and "deliver to addressee only." The information "do not deliver to authorized agents" must be clearly stated above the address.

If you would like to mail cash, securities or even exclusive jewellery, there is no need to worry: you can mail all that as an insured letter and insurance cover will be provided up to the indicated amount. All insured letters are monitored during the delivery process and are only delivered to the person indicated. In addition, we will also confirm in writing that you have posted the item at your postal branch. Please indicate the value on the item itself. Any items whose value exceeds EUR 1,500 must be sealed.

This additional service is only available in combination with "priority" (except for international mail) and "registered mail". For more information, please see our product and price list at or ask the staff at your local postal branch.

The advice of delivery is proof that a registered mail item has been delivered to the addressee and signed for. The advice or delivery will then be sent to you and you will be able to see who received your item. This additional service is EUR 2.20 and advices of delivery are available at all Austrian Post service locations.

This service is available in combination with "registered mail" only. Please indicate "advice of delivery" on the address side of your mail item.

If you would like to be notified that your registered mail item has been delivered, use our "Business Track & Trace" service. It's up to you to decide if you would like to receive delivery information for all your registered item on a weekly/monthly basis via e-mail, as a CSV file or as an Excel file.

To use this service, a written agreement is required. And it's only available for domesetic items posted at an Austrian Post service location. If you are interested in this service, please contact your customer advisor or call our Business Hotline at 0800 212 212.

Rely on the straightforward "merchandise in exchange for payment" principle for your items or merchandise.

This will ensure that you get paid because our deliveryperson will hand over the item to the addressee only if the outstanding amount is paid and a confirmation signed. Subsequently, we will transfer the collected cash-on-delivery amount to an account with a bank in the SEPA area defined by you.

The additional service "cash-on-delivery" is available both in Austria and abroad.


  • Safe alternative to sending merchandise with invoices or credit card payments
  • Quick, easy and inexpensive because no time-consuming payment reminders or collection efforts are required


On the front of your mail item, please affix the cash-on-delivery label (COD), indicate the amount and affix the registered mail label. On the back, please affix the red cash-on-delivery envelope with the payment slip.

This slip must include the following information:

  • Name of recipient
  • IBAN
  • Amount
  • Memo
  • Optional: BIC (for international accounts)

In addition, please indicate the following data for the addressee:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode, city/town

For additional information, please visit and see our product and price overview. As an alternative, ask our staff at any Austrian Post service location.



In exceptional cases, a letter mail item might not reach its destination. In such a case, you can use our inquiry service for registered letter mail items. We will locate your item.

You can order the inquiry service for any domestic or international registered mail item starting 5 days after posting within our inquiry timeframes. These are the following:

  • 3 months for parcels and EMS items
  • 6 months for registered mail items and insured letters

If you have sent your item abroad, an inquiry will make sense 2 to 3 weeks after posting at the earliest, depending on the country of destination.

Important information for inquiries:

  • valid item number (see posting receipt)
  • exact description of content

Inquiries for items sent from abroad can only be initiated by the international shipping agency in charge.

To see our updated rates, please click here.

Recommended Service

Recommended Service

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