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Fees for letter-mail items in Austria

All rates for sending and receiving domestic letter mail at a glance.

You can choose from three letter-mail options:
  •  PRIO (as part of universal services): for swift shipping and delivery within E+1 (delivery on the following business day)
  •  ECO (new, as part of universal services): inexpensive rate for less time-sensitive items (delivery within 2 to 3 business days)
  •  ECO BUSINESS (not part of universal services): attractively priced contractual product for business clients; available for a minimum volume of 1,000 units and up (delivery within 4 to 5 business days)


Product Max. format Weight PRIO1) ECO2) ECO BUSINESS3)
net net net gross
L 235 x W 162 x H 5 mm up to 20 g 0.80 0.70 0.65 0.78
L 235 x W 162 x H 5 mm > 20 to 75 g 1.35 1.25 1.10 1.32



Product Max. format Weight PRIO1) ECO2) ECO BUSINESS3)
net net net gross
L 353 x W 250 x H 30 mm up to 2 kg 2.70 2.50 2.25 2.70
L 1000 x W 600 x H 600 mm4)5) up to 2 kg   4.20 4.00 - -
Item tracking optional (free of charge) and insurance of up to EUR 50
Delivery to postbox


1) PRIO (E+1) delivery: E = day of posting, +1 means delivery on the following business day (Saturdays excepted) for at least 95 % of items.
ECO (E+2/3) delivery: E = day of posting, delivery: 2/3 business days (Saturdays excepted) after the day of posting; no additional services (e.g. registered mail) available.

ECO BUSINESS (E+4/5) delivery: E = day of posting, delivery: 4/5 business days (Saturdays excepted) after the day of posting. Requirements for ECO BUSINESS: cash postage payment as ECO BUSINESS letter, minimum posting volume 1,000 items, machine processable, posted at distribution centre only. Not part of universal services and as such subject to VAT; no additional services (e.g. registered mail) available.


If posted at an Austrian Post branch, an Austrian Post postbox or with a rural delivery person as defined in our GTC, this service is part of universal services and as such exempt from VAT.

5) Packets M with L+W+H > 900 mm (or one dimension that is greater than 500 mm) may only be posted with item tracking, i.e. as PRIO items.
Use the sizing template in our download area to determine the right format for your items.
Undeliverable letter mail items will be returned free of charge. Items that cannot be processed by our machines will be charged at the next highest rate. Information about machine processability is available in our brochure "Addressing: Getting it Right" available in our download area. In addition, your customer advisor and our business hotline staff is always happy to help: 0800 212 212.




Registered mail and other additional services are available for our shipping option PRIO only.

Additional service EUR*
Item tracking 1) 0.00
Registered mail 2.30
Deliver to addressee only 2) 2.20
Advice of receipt 2) 2.20
Do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail 3) 1.10
Cash on delivery 2) 3.50

Insured letter 2):
Insurance up to EUR 1,500

Insurance from EUR 1,501 to EUR 3,600 36.00
Insurance EUR 3,601 and up 1%
Sender information via text message or e-mail 0.10

* Fees for additional letter mail services do not include postage. These services are subject to tax depending on the main service provided (dependent service)
1) Item tracking optionally available since 1 January 2017 for all Prio packets free of charge. When choosing our free item tracking, no additional services may be selected. Items in tubes are not eligible for our tracking service.

2) Only available in combination with our "registered mail" service.
3) Only available in combination with our "registered mail" and "deliver to addressee".

Other letter mail services EUR*
Poste restante (charged at the time of posting) 1.00
Track and trace per item  4.00

*Rates indicated do not include postage. Value-added tax is charged independently of the main service delivered.

For batches of 2,500 items and up, you will receive the best value for your PRIO and ECO items if you pay cash, make preparatory services and benefit from immediate discounts.

The basic requirement is that all items in your batch of 2,500 items and up must be machine processable letter-mail items (without additional services) and that you post them at a distribution centre or at a large-volume postal branch (see download area).

The following preparatory services are available for you to choose and mix:


No. Preparatory service PRIO / ECO
1 Preliminary information posting location/ time/ volume 0.50%
2 Preliminary information distribution plan incl. posting location and volume 1.00%
3 Sorted by home/other distribution centre 0.50%
4 Sorted by destination distribution centre (100 thousand units and up) 1.50%
5 Exact weight information 0.50%
6 Early posting before 2:00 p.m. 0.50%
7 Early posting before 11:00 a.m. 0.75%

In addition to our discounts for preparatory services, we offer the volume discounts per batch indicated below. Please use the documents available in our download area (special posting lists, preliminary information templates and label templates) and please read the comprehensive information in our FAQ preparatory services document.

Units PRIO / ECO
20,001 and up 0.50%
50,001 and up 1.50%
100,001 and up 2.50%


Outside the scope of universal services (subject to VAT), a client-specific agreement can be signed. Please contact your customer advisor or call our Business Hotline at 0800 212 212.

Downloads, Letter-Mail Rates

Downloads, Discounts: Detailed information and Legal Basis

Downloads, Discounts: Documents Required for Posting

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