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Additional services for international letter mail - business

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In this section, you will find information about registered mail, advice of delivery, insured letters and other additional services.

The following additional services are available in combination with international priority delivery:

Send your important letters as registered mail. The delivery is made in exchange of a delivery confirmation according to applicable regulations in the destination country, whereas its transmission to the addressee is not covered by the service. Furthermore, you can track the delivery status of your registered item into a number of destinations via its registration number. All registered mail items have insurance coverage of up to 50 euro in case of loss, theft or damage. However, if you want to to send valuables (e.g. securities or precious metals) you must use our insured letter service.
This service is particularly suitable for:
  • Contracts
  • Notices of termination
  • Important documents
  • Application documents
  • Legal relations
  • Annual tax declarations
  • Bank details
  • Goods
  • etc.

Upon request, an advice of delivery completed by you will accompany your registered mail from the point of mailing to the point of delivery, where the addressee will sign in. This advice of delivery is then sent back to you as delivery confirmation. The additional service is only available in combination with our registered mail option.

Combined with this option, the letter mail item is delivered to the addressee only or to an authorised person. This additional service is restricted to specific countries and is only available in combination with registered mail. In particular countries, the service is exclusively available in combination with advice of delivery.

Whether you are sending securities or exclusive jewellery – your insured letter is in good hands and insured up to the specified amount. In case of theft or damage, Austrian Post is liable for the specified amount. This additional service is only available in combination with the dispatch solution Brief International Priority and the additional service registered mail. Insured letters must be labelled with the sticker for registered mail. No other labelling that indicates the valuable content of the letter mail or any kind of sealing is allowed.

Cash-on-delivery means that the item is delivered to the addressee upon payment of a previously specified amount to the Austrian Post delivery person. The cash collected by Austrian Post will then be transferred to your account.
Cash-on-delivery is only available in combination with the additional service registered mail and for items sent to Germany.

Our additional services "registered mail" and "advice of delivery" are available for all countries of destination. For detailed information about our additional services, please see the International Letter Mail Handbook or ask your customer advisor.