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Postal Service Locations

Welcome to the page dedicated to our postal service locations.

We are happy to introduce our new platform for postal service locations. This page will keep you up to date about all news and products.  


It’s all online: ordering stamps made easy.

Visit our online shop service location to order definitive stamps, special-issue stamps, stamp sets and much more online. No need to worry about opening hours and no need to stand in line. All you have to do is log on from the comfort of your office or home and place your order.

In order to use our online shop, you need to be registered for our centralised ordering. If you have already registered, you will have received the access data for our online shop in the mail. You can log on and start ordering immediately. If you have any questions, please send your message to

If you have not yet registered for our centralised ordering and if you would like to use our shop in the future, please send us a message at As a matter of course, you still have the option of purchasing your stamps at the postal branch of your choice or using our fax order form (see our "order form for postal service locations" in the download area).

What are the requirements for becoming a postal service location?

The following persons are entitled to sell stamps:

• Tobacconists (employed or self-employed)
• As well as clients licensed to sell products, provided that it is safe to assume that they will not purchase the stamps for their personal use.

Reselling authorisation is granted if the applicant is registered in one of the following registers:

Company register
Register of associations
KSV register
Register of the Austrian “Monopolverwaltung“ (tobacco monopoly authority)

Registrations for becoming a postal service location can be submitted at every postal branch.

Agreement for postal service locations

Applicants need to be registered in order to operate a postal service location. Selling stamps is subject to the conditions for postal service locations. To register, you will need the following documents:

• A copy of your authorisation for sales activities (e.g. your agreement with the Austrian monopoly authority or proof of a reselling permit, such as a professional license)
• Important information: please provide your phone number to allow us to easily contact you in case we have any questions.

You will then receive an agreement as well as en enclosed reply envelope from our service department for postal service locations. Please sign the copy, affix your company stamp and return it within two weeks to the address below. Please note that your signature confirms that you accept the postal service location agreement. 

Österreichische Post AG
Steinheilgasse 1
1210 Vienna

If you receive the authorisation to operate a postal service location, you will be assigned a service number. Concurrently with registering as a postal service location, you must register for our "centralised ordering".

Centralised ordering

Austrian Post business partners have the option of purchasing stamps, phone cards, etc. at our central service unit. This includes the following benefits:

  • Lieferung frei Haus
  • Order 24/7
    1. from our online shop
    2. by calling or sending a fax to:
      Österreichische Post AG
      Steinheilgasse 1
      1210 Wien
      +43 (0) 577 67 - 95095
      Fax: + 43 (0) 67767 - 95196
  • Cash-free purchase via direct debit (amount will be debited to your bank account after the order has been shipped).

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