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Five Segment Analysis

Would you like to dig (even) deeper? The third level of analysis we offer as part of our consulting services provides an even more profound analysis and leaves no area unscrutinised. During the evaluation and assessment, we focus on the five pillars of document logistics: processes, personnel, infrastructure, time and costs. You will benefit from our external expert perspective, which will help you take your business to the next level.
We question processes as well as "traditional" work procedures and any existing "detours" in mail processing. Nothing will escape us and we will help you untangle any processes that seem to be stuck. We will work with you to identify areas where we can take action and we will create a concept that will show unnecessary trips and wasted resources. Efficiency and effectiveness are key for keeping routes short. This will allow you to get your documents to the place and time where they need to be with pinpoint accuracy.
Resource planning can be a time-intensive activity that does not always yield results. We know which employees work most effectively with their unique expertise and which service levels are standard at your company. Ultimately, mail processing is an internally provided service. Our job is to convey this understanding and to improve awareness with long-term effect.
When it comes to the equipment in your mailroom, we will rely on our cutting-edge expertise to assess the situation, which will help you increase productivity while keeping overall operating costs transparent. To achieve that, we will look at all your equipment, your hardware and software as well as your mailroom furniture. It will ultimately be your employees who will benefit from this approach. Experience has shown that an ergonomic working environment increases employee motivation.
When resources, i.e. personnel and equipment, are used more wisely, you will have more time for other activities at your company. It will take us only one glance to identify "luxury services", which usually get established with time but do not meet the latest standards. We will make customised suggestions on how to make your mail processing considerably easier. With swifter availability, faster processes and better time management, you will have more time on your hands to focus on your core business.
Experience has shown that considerable savings are possible. Within just a few months, you can save up to 50% while maintaining your service level for your document logistisc processes.

  • Based on our experience at more than 300 businesses we know that there are primarily five relevant areas: processes, personnel, infrastructure, time and costs.
  • We will identify unprofitable processes and routes for you, we will identify your employees' service levels and you will benefit from our cutting-edge expertise regarding office technology.
  • The smooth interaction between all segments will translate into great results and motivated employees.
  • Your company will benefit from an experienced external perspective.
  • The result will be apparent in your bottom line, both with medium and long-term effect.