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Mailroom Certification

The mailroom is the very heart of mail processing at any company. The more professional a mailroom works, the more the entire company and its processes will benefit. However, processes and standards can be outdated while the potential for improvement and cost savings is high. External help is the way to go if you would like to take advantage of this potential!

During our mailroom certification process, our experts from the document logistics department will thoroughlz analyse your mailroom. These dedicated professionals will question existing processes, evaluate the use of personnel as well as quality standards and assess qualitative and quantitative factors. The compiled parameters and numbers will subsequently be reviewed by an external and independent consulting firm.

Bottom line: you will receive a comprehensive and holistic view of your mailroom and its performance. During the feedback meeting, we will tell you about the potentials of your mailroom and we will show you where and how you can save money.

In addition, you will receive an award for your mailroom's current state: mailroom certificates are available in bronze, silver and gold. They have been serving both as feedback and as an incentive for mailroom employees for many years.

Our dedicated professionals will be happy to talk to you about possible areas of optimisation for your mail processes during a non-binding consulation. In addition, they will provide an overview over cost saving potentials.

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  • Our Mailroom Certification, introduced in 2010, is a quality seal for efficient mail processing. More than 100 businesses in many industries in Austria have received this certification.
  • Our external perspective helps operations executives evaluate existing resources and processes.
  • We combine our own expertise with benchmark data from more than 300 businesses.
  • An external and independant consulting firm will evaluate all mailroom information. This translates into more expertise, credibility and safety.
  • Our mailroom certifications are the perfect starting point for improvements and, at the same time, motivation for employees at any company.