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Document Management

Sophisticated document management systems (DMS) consolidate all documents into a comprehensive electronic solution. This includes, in addition to your physical business and in-house mail, all digital documents available at your company as well as data gathered from social media.
Our document logistics services have been designed to advance the digitalisation of office work and to help companies save money.Cumbersome paper logistics processes which in turn affect the environment, dual archiving and local archives are parameters that slow companies down. Sophisticated electronic systems unite physical and digital documents and make processes much easier and pave the way for the standardisation of previously incompatible systems.

Transparent, available from any location, standardised
Our document logistics services are all about digitising your daily processes while taking into consideration the ever-present price pressure. Tedious paper logistics processes, which go hand in hand with environmental concerns, multiple archiving and archives only available to those working at the premises are all factors that make life difficult for companies. The solution to this are sophisticated electronic systems that consolidate physical and digital documents and make work processes easier than ever. In addition, previously incompatible systems are standardised.

Integration of physical and digital information
The goal is to consolidate all relevant physical and digital documents at your company into one electronic system, the document management system. It doesn't matter if those documents are internal or external documents or if they are physical or digital documents. Media disruptions and interfaces will be a thing of the past. Rely on a DMS to support collaboration among teams. This so-called digital collaboration will make everyday processes easier and increase transparency and accountability. This will translate into more satisfied and more loyal employees, among many other benefits. Last but not least, DMS and other sophisticated tools will attract highly motivated employees!

Comprehensive one-stop services
We offer comprehensive one-stop services: Austrian Post will digitise your incoming mail and integrate it into the document management system, either for the entire company or for every department. For clients who don't have a DMS (yet), we can recommend renowned external partners. Clients can host the document management system themselves or rely on cloud services in Austria.

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  • Your one-stop shop for physical and digital processes
  • An experienced and reliable partner of many years
  • Transparent and straightforward processes
  • Higher effiency and reduced costs



Post Document Manager

Our comprehensive DMS solution unites all documents in a dedicated solution.


Post Cloud Enterprise

Introducing our flexible cloud-based solution. It's a modular system that can be expanded as needed and will be adapted to fit your needs.