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Document Management System

Document management systems (DMS) make document and information processing and archiving easier than ever, whether it's physical incoming mail, internal mail, agreements, e-mails or social media information. For the first time ever, companies now have the option of consolidating physical mail with digital documents to form a big structured whole. Interfaces and media disruptions during processing are now a thing of the past. Previously incompatible systems have now been unified.

Which benefits does this have for you? All your document logistics processes will be easier, unstructured filing and archiving systems will be replaced and collaboration between team members working at different locations will be easier and more professional. Your company will have a solid basis for internal and external information exchange that can be traced at all times. Employee-specific access rights make all processes transparent and provide maximum security. Physical filing systems and archives have now become obsolete.

Document management systems offer the following advantages:


  • DMS Collaboration makes exchanging documents and information in teams easier than ever, even between companies
  • DMS Workflow maps all proceses for project-related document logistics
  • DMS Files makes document handling and searching easier, especially across files and filing structures
  • DMS Archive is all about tamper-proof and compliance adequate filing of documents with a search function.


  • Your corporate documents will be available in a standardised format for the entire company, in a document management system. In this system, documents are grouped and categorised.
  • Document management systems help create straightforward and transparent processes: this document process standardisation will increase your productivity.
  • Thanks to this automated document handling, be they physical or digital, internal or external documents, you will have efficient and producitve service levels without any interruptions.
  • All of the above will help decrease expenses assocatiated with processing, storing and looking for documents, it will make work processes easier and improve collaboration at your company and with your business partners.
  • You can be sure that your documents are safely stored in a tamper-proof manner and that they will meet your internal compliance guideline.