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Weekly Newspapers

Weekly newspapers are always delivered in a timely manner within three business days (excluding Saturdays.)


Publication frequency At least 6 times per quarter
Content Minimum of 51% of news coverage by a team of editors
Volume Minimum of 4 pages
Quantity posted Minimum of 1,000 units

Information about our rates is available here.

Postage per 1,000 items*1)

Weight in grams up to Weeklies Weight in grams up to Weeklies
10 204.10 300 518.40
20 204.10 310 518.40
30 216.30 320 518.40
40 223.80 330 524.60
50 238.50 340 524.60
60 254.50 350 534.40
70 278.70 360 534.40
80 278.70 370 534.40
90 280.00 380 535.60
100 291.00 390 535.60
110 327.80 400 541.60
120 350.90 410 548.90
130 350.90 420 548.90
140 375.30 430 550.30
150 397.30 440 554.90
160 397.30 450 554.90
170 416.80 460 558.60
180 416.80 470 568.50
190 428.00 480 568.50
200 442.50 490 576.90
210 442.50 500 586.80
220 457.40 600 687.00
230 473.00 700 758.10
240 473.00 800 804.50
250 483.00 900 865.60
260 496.30 1,000 898.50
270 500.00 1,500 1,212.70
280 500.00 2,000 1,419.20
290 509.70    

Postage will be calculated on the total number of items posted per batch. The same return option must be used for items in one batch.

* Pursuant to the Austrian Postal Services Act as amended, postal services for newspaper delivery (up to 2 kg) are considered universal services. This service is exempt from VAT.
1) All indicated fees are net fees and exclude all statutory duties, especially VAT.
2) Discount rates available for monthlies only.
Excess weight third-party inserts1)
Postage per 1,000 units
Weight in grams up to  Excess weight third-party inserts Weight in grams up to  Excess weight third-party inserts
30 314.10 340 723.30
40 333.20 350 732.00
50 352.20 360 750.90
60 371.60 370 759.70
70 390.70 380 778.60
80 408.70 390 787.40
90 426.60 400 796.30
100 443.30 410 815.20
110 454.70 420 823.90
120 466.40 430 842.80
130 477.90 440 851.70
140 489.40 450 869.20
150 500.90 460 879.20
160 512.60 470 888.20
170 524.20 480 907.20
180 535.70 490 916.10
190 547.20 500 933.60
200 558.60 520 961.40
210 570.20 540 980.20
220 581.60 560 1,006.60
230 593.20 580 1,034.40
240 604.80 600 1,062.20
250 614.90 700 1,190.60
260 632.90 800 1,319.10
270 641.90 900 1,456.50
280 652.20 1,000 1,583.90
290 669.90 1,100 1,831.80
300 680.30 1,200 1,922.40
310 698.40 1,300 2,014.70
320 707.40 1,400 2,106.50
330 717.70 1,500 2,197.20
Processing fee* 1)
Processing fee per request (closing, modification):
91.70 excluding tax
Annual fee* 1)
Annual fee per authorized publication pursuant to item 1.2.4 of our Newspaper GTC: EUR 183.40 net
Listing fee* 1)
Listing fee for unaddressed newspapers in addition to postage:
EUR 61.20 per 1,000 units net
Surcharge for Saturday delivery* 1)
Surcharge in addition to postage
per 1,000 dailies EUR 572.00 net
Fee for third-party inserts* 1)
EUR 24.30 per 1,000 units net
Fee for return items
EUR 12.00 including tax (EUR 10.00 net)
per 1,000 units of posted items. 
 Pursuant to the Austrian Postal Market Act as amended, postal services for newspaper delivery (up to 2 kg) are defined as universal services. This service is exempt of VAT.
1) All indicated rates are net rates and exclude statutory taxes and duties, especially VAT.

Basic data

 Minimum format:  14 x   9 cm
 Maximum format:  42 x 30 cm
 Maximum weight:  2,000 g including packaging and inserts


Please print the following information in one block either on the front or on the back and make sure it is clearly visible:

  • "Österreichische Post AG"
  • The product abbreviation: "WZ" for weeklies + the registration number as defined in your agreement + the product-specific initial ("W")
  • Sender's address

If you are sending your newspapers in envelopes, please add this information on the envelopes, and make sure it is clearly visible.

If you are using window envelopes or if you are printing this information directly on the envelopes, you have the option of printing this information in a single line above the address. However, please do not use bold print and do not highlight anything. Leave an empty line between this information and  the address.


In buildings with several households, mailboxes are often labelled with the door number only. In order for us to deliver your items correctly, it is paramount that you provide the complete address.

The following limits apply to bundles:

Height: Minimum 2 cm
Maximum 23. 5 cm
Weight: Maximum 10 kg
Items per bundle: Minimum of 10 items (except in the case of heavy items)

All bundles need to have a correctly completed bundle label containing the following information:

• Title of the newspaper and its registration number
• Client's address (name/company/address)
• Product-specific abbreviation
• Date of posting
• City/town of posting
• City/town of destination (or the distribution route, area or zone)
• IMIS number
• Amount of items per bundle

Bundle labels are available in our download area. You can print them out yourself, provided that you follow all instructions.

For detailed information about delivery preparation, please see the General Terms and Conditions for newspaper delivery.


All items must have a personal address and must be ready for delivery at the time of posting. In addition, please provide a sample copy of the newspaper including all inserts and supplements as well as a correctly completed posting list.

Newspapers and magazines sent to readers not living in Austria may be posted as Brief International Plus letter mail items.



These include supplements and inserts printed solely in the interest of the publisher. TV and radio programmes are also considered supplements. There will be no additional supplement fee if the supplement is part of the magazine. It is simply included in the weight calculation for the magazine.


These include all inserts added to magazines on behalf of third parties against payment.

Several inserts by one client are considered to be one insert, as long as they are placed in a sealed envelope of tightly bound together.

The following items are considered third-party inserts:

  • Full or partial advertising wrap (full or half wrap of newspaper without being an integral part of the newspaper)
  • Advertising cover for advertising purposes only placed before the actual editorial front page
  • Tip-On cards on the newspaper in the (full or partial) interest of a third party

If the title and issue number of the magazine are indicated on the first page and if continuous numbering is used, partial or full wraps will be considered to be part of the magazine and not third-party inserts.

Third-party inserts will be included in the weight calculation of the magazine. In addition, a separate insert fee of EUR 23.80 per 1,000 items shall apply. The total weight of all inserts must not exceed the weight of the magazine including supplements.

If you are posting your items at a discount rate, no inserts may be included.

Excess weight inserts

Generally speaking, the total weight of all third-party inserts must not exceed the magazine's own weight (including supplements). If this weight limit is exceeded, these inserts will be considered excess weight inserts.

A weight limit of 1,500g applies to excess weight inserts. The overall maximum weight (newspaper including packaging and all inserts) is 2,000g.

An additional, weight-specific fee shall apply to excess weight inserts, as defined in our applicable rate sheet.

Choose from the following four options for undeliverable items:

  • Return to sender
    For this service, we charge EUR 12.00 including tax per 1,000 units, in addition to postage (EUR 10 plus tax). The surcharge will be charged for every posted batch. This service is not part of our universal services and as such is not subject to VAT.
  • Register and diposal
    After having recorded the reason for every returned tem, we will dispose of them.
    - Information "Retouren an Postfach 100, 1350 Wien"  printed on all items, placed above the recipient's address
    - Sign an agreement with us ahead of time
    For additional information, please see our "Address management - registering return items" section.
  • Register and deliver
    Choose this option to have Austrian Post register the reason for every returned item and send them back to you.
    - Information "Retouren an Postfach 100, 1350 Wien“ printed on all items, placed above the recipient's address   
    - Sign an agreement with us ahead of time
    For additional information, please see our "Address management - registering return items" section.
  • Disposal
    Upon request, we will dispose of your return items. To use this service, please print one of the following notes on your items, either above the recipient's address or the postage paid indicia: "Retouren an Postfach 555, 1008 Wien" or "Nicht Retournieren." If none of these notes is present on your items, we will assume that you would like them returned to you.
    Items may be returned for one of the following reasons:

    - Address unknown
    - Addressee refuses to accept the item
    - Addressee has moved
    - Delivery location not in use
    - Wrong postcode
    - Deceased addressee
    - Item not collected