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Postal Vote

Am 02. Oktober 2016 findet die Wiederholung des 2. Wahlganges der Bundespräsidentenwahl 2016 statt, bei der das österreichische Staatsoberhaupt für eine Amtszeit von sechs Jahren direkt gewählt werden kann.  
Wahlberechtigte Personen, die am Wahltag nicht in ihrem zuständigen Wahllokal wählen können, haben die Möglichkeit, mit einer Wahlkarte
  • in jedem Wahllokal in Österreich oder
  • per Briefwahl im In- und Ausland
zu wählen.

Effective immediately, absentee voting ballots for the 2019 parliamentary elections can be requested.
You may only do so in the municipality where your primary residence is located. Please note the latest possible dates and times for requesting your absentee voting ballot:
  • Writen request (may also be made via e-mail, online or fax): by 25 September 2019
  • In-person request (not via telephone!): by 27 September 2019, 12 noon
When requesting an absentee voting ballot, you must also state the reason why you are ordering it (e.g. absence, trip abroad, health reasons).
Please take into consideration the delivery time and the return time. We therefore recommend requesting absentee voting ballots as soon as possible.
You do not have to pay for postage (standard delivery), no matter if you live in Austria or abroad.
To order your absentee voting ballot from the comfort of your home: follow the link below to get to the the website of the municipality you live in:
If your primary residence is Vienna:
  1. You can choose to have your ballot sent to you from early September or pick it up personally.
  2. You may vote by mail as soon as you receive your ballot. You don't have to wait until election day.
  3. Complete the official voting slip personally, without anybody watching or influencing you. Then put it the beige envelope, seal it and put it in the ballot.
  4. Subsequently, sign the affidavit yourself  on the incidated spot and close the ballot.
  5. Ballots used for absentee voting by mail must be received by election day, 29 September 2019, at 5:00 p.m. They can be sent via mail or delivered personally to the competent election authority(see ballot for the address) or delivered personally to any voting station in Austria during opening hours.

All Austrian citizens who had their primary residence in an Austrian municipality by the cut-off day for elections (9 July 2019), who were at least 16 years of age on or before election day (29 September 2019) and who are not excluded from voting are elibigle to vote.

Austrian citizens who live abroad and who were at least 16 years on or before election day (29 September 2019) and who are not excluded from voting may vote, provided that they are registered to vote in a register in any Austrian municipality.



Additional information:

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