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Advice to protect yourself against phishing, viruses etc.

Tricks used by online criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Phishing e-mails can look deceivingly real. Apparently trustworthy websites can include malware. The tricks used by these criminals become evident at second glance only. Let us give you valuable advice that you can use in your daily online business. Follow these steps to protect yourself online.

E-mail security

Delete e-mails that do not come from a trustworthy source. Rely on e-mail services that make security a priority. Whenever you receive a new e-mail, ask yourself if you were expecting an e-mail from a given sender. Online criminals can manipulate the sender of an e-mail and you won't see the actual sender. To check if you are dealing with a phishing e-mail, proceed as follows: move the mouse cursor over the name of the sender and you will see the actual e-mail address.

Security when surfing the Internet

Before logging on, check if you are actually on a website by Austrian Post. Make sure that the URL is 100% correct. Criminals oftentimes use names that sound very similar to the original. Take into account any security messages that your browser might prompt.

Personal data protection

Keep your passwords and PINs safe and do not share them with others. Do not e-mail user names, passwords, credit card data and account-related information.

When receiving phone calls, make sure you never share such information with people you do not know.



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