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Shö - the New Online Market Place for Austria

Notebook with Shöpping Homepage, with an Austrian landscape in the background

The Austrian online market place

shö is an online market place by Austrian Post. It brings Austrian clients and Austrian retailers together on an online shopping platform. In an effort of strenghtening the local economy and protecting jobs, we have joined forces with our retailers to offer an Austrian alternative to competition from abroad.

More than 1 million products by Austrian retailers available on shö

On shö, you will find more than 1 million products. They all have one thing in common: without exception, they are all from Austrian retailers and manufacturers, whether they come from small highly specialised vendors from Vorarlberg or traditional retail chains. With each and every purchase, you will be promoting the local economiy. Our goal is to give a red/white/red touch to the online economy.

Sustainable delivery: CO2 free with Austrian Post

All products have short delivery routes in Austria and will be taken directly to your doorstep. All deliveries are exclusively made by Austrian Post. It's reliable, swift and CO2 free made in Austria.

Go to shö for guilt-free shopping on Austrian Post's new online market place.

  • Attractive and large range of products
  • No shipping for purchases of EUR 33 and up
  • Free 30-day return policy
  • Many different payment options
  • Guaranteed parcel shipping by Austrian Post