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When it comes to progress, Austrian Post is always on top of things. In addition to leaving a yellow notification in your postbox we will now also let you know whenever you are close to a postal branch where an item is ready for pick-up. You will never again forget to pick up a packet!


Use Austrian Post's location service to make picking up your items easier than ever. The app will know when you are closeby and will display the yellow notification immediately on your smartphone.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Install the Austrian Post app and sign up
  • Activate Bluetooth
  • Accept location services
  • Accept location identification

Download the free app now


You will never again forget to pick up a packet:

  • Our app automatically recognises if you are close to a postal branch where an item is ready for pick-up and will automatically send you information.
  • You will receive automatic reminders and a convenient overview of your items on your smartphone.
  • Just pick up your parcel directly at the postal branch on your way home.


Austrian Post's location service will make your trips to our postal branches more efficient than ever. Whenever you are close to a postal branch, you will be notified if items are ready for pick-up. You will also get an improved view of all items waiting for you at a given postal location and you can easily switch between e-notifications.
The Austrian Post locations service relies on your device's location and interacts with beacons (small bluetooth transmitters) placed in or outside our postal branches.



To activate our location service, you will be asked if you would like to use this service when you start the app for the first time. You will be able to active or deactivate this service by going to the settings of the Austrian Post app.


For this service to work, you need to allow the Austrian Post app to use your device's current location and to send you notifications. If Bluetooth is activated, the location service will provide even more exact results and will allow you to use all function. Also, an active Internet connection is required for you to use this service.

You can deactivate the location service anytime by going to the settings of your Austrian Post app. You also have the option of deactivating specific functions of this service.

Beacons are small Bluetooth sensors that enable the provision of location-based content and services. Beacons can be used inside and outside of buildings as well as on stationary and moving objects. Areas in a radius of 80 meters surrounding the objects in question can be covered. Beacons work with batteries and can also be integrated into other objects that use a different source of energy.


Beacons are used to determine the client's current location. To protect your privavy, iOS and Android ask you to allow your location to be disclosed.


To transmit data, beacons rely on Bluetooth Low Energy. In order to find beacons, it is important that clients activate Bluetooth on their smartphones.


Beacons are not connected to the Internet and cannot save user data. Mobile apps may rely on beacons to determine a user's current location.


All data are saved in the European Union and by default, all transactions are encrypted. This service strictly follows EU regulations about privacy and data safety by not saving personal data.

Activated Bluetooth with enabled beacon functions will only account for 1% of your smartphone's daily battery use. This change cannot be detected by apps with location services.

No, because beacons can efficiently be detected in the background. There are no differences between Android and iOS when it comes to locating beacons and the required processing time in the background.


The data volume per user that relies on beacon services is usually 100kB. Additional data will be used for opening landing pages for campaigns or pictures. When using the location service, the data volume may increase some more.


Beacons transmit Bluetooth Low Energy. All widely used operating systems support Bluetooth Low Energy.