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We combine our world with the world of A1, offering new technologies to our clients. Our A1 experts provide personalised assistance at our postal branches and know everything about special offers that are only available from us.

Cool back-to-school offer

We offer a free B.free starter package to all students, available until 30 September 2021. 1) includes free prepaid card registration 2) available now at your postal branch only.

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Making things happen A1 offers

1) 5,000 free minutes in throughout Austria for the selected timeframe and for a maximum of 28 days after activation. Does not include roaming. For detailed information, please visit A1.net or your post-al branch. The contract information and terms and conditions can be downloaded at A1.net/bfreeinfo for documentation purposes and future reference. This information may only be reproduced without modifications. Free B.free starter package (instead of EUR 9.90) for students with a valid student ID from 1 August to 30 September 2021 or while supplies last. One B.free starter package per student only.
2) Effective 1 January 2019, prepaid cards must be registered. You can register your prepaid card free of charge (instead of EUR 5) during the timeframe indicated above. This process is quick and easy and can be done at your local postal branch. For more information about this mandatory registration, please visit the product website in question. 

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A1 products and accessories

We have services and products for phone, TV, internet and everything in between.

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The latest A1 offers

Discover the latest A1 offers available at our postal branches.

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Teaming up to make more things happen.

Österreichische Post is so much more than just a mail service. At your local postal branch, you can take care of several errands at the same time. Discover the wide range of offers and services that we have in store for you.

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konto99 - comes with more than just one benefit!

Convenient products, easy and modern online banking, and personalised assistance throughout Austria. Learn more about the account options available at bank99.

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Post energy cost calculator

Compare power and gas rates and save money immediately! Switching to a new provider to lower your fixed costs is easy and can be done online or at your local postal branch.

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A1 experts at your local postal branch (available in German only)