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Header Picture Austrian Post Drone

Testing Innovative Delivery Solutions

Austrian Post, in collaboration with its partners Technical University Graz, Energie Steiermark, SFL technologies and i-Tec Styria has been testing autonomous delivery systems, using drones in mountain areas and e-vehicle Jetflyer in the (Graz) city centre.

Delivery with autonomous e-vehicles
In urban areas, Austrian Post and its partners have been delivering parcels with autonomous e-vehicles.

How it works:
An adapted Jetflyer navigates autonomously and without a driver to find the delivery address, the addressee receives a text message upon the arrival of the autonomous e-vehicle and can retrieve his or her parcel from the box using an RFID chip. The vehicle uses sophisticated sensor technology and software to autonomously travel to the address of destination. 

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Testing autonomous parcel delivery

Delivery by drones

In remote areas and areas that are hard to access, Austrian Post and its partners has been testing delivery by drones.

How it works:
A drone carries a parcel and flies autonomously to a remote mountain farm, recognises a coded mat on the ground and lands exactly there. Once the addressee has received the parcel, the drone flies back to the parcel delivery person. To make this happen, image recognition, image processing and autonomous landing are key factors for the autonomous delivery drone.

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Testing Delivery by Drones

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