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Address Verification

Address Check, the Efficient Business Solution by Austrian Post

Let us bring your customer data up-to-date

Adressen pruefen Grafik

  • Fewer return items
  • Reach clients who have moved
  • Reach out to lost clients
  • Identify undeliverable addresses
  • Stop sending mail to deceased persons

Rely on us to verify your data and you will get a free quality analysis of your data.

Easy steps to correct data
To receive your free analysis, all you have to do is send us your data via a secure online connection (https, 128 bit encryption). We will then send you the insightful analysis within 48 hours. This analysis will tell you the following:

  • how many of your clients have moved
  • how many addresses have been completed with door numbers
  • how many addresses have been corrected
  • how many people are deceased
  • how many clients appeared twice in your database
  • how many of your clients appear on the Robinson list

Based on this report and the accompanying price quote, it will be up to you to decide if you would like us to clean up your data.

Updated data will be available for download shortly after your purchasing order.

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The following options are available for address verification purposes:
Address.Check - Cleans up your address database
Mailing.Check -  Provides revised addresses for your next mailing campaign
Quick.Check -  Search online for clients who have moved

Useful Links

Useful Links