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Info.Mail (addressed)

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Info.Mails are personally addressed direct marketing items. 

Thanks to sophisticated digital printing technology, you can adapt images and texts on the items to each and every client, which will increase your mailing campaign's success. The only limitation is that format, weight and sender must remain identical for all versions of your Info.Mail items. 

  • High attention: 91% of Austrians read direct mailing items for more than 30 seconds1)
  • Maximum response
  • Lower amount of non-deliverables thanks to Austrian Post's Address.Check
  • Lower shipping expenses
  • Efficient response management
  • Higher success rate

1) Study: Direct Media Report 2012 (commissioned by DMVÖ,; n=1000, CAWI)

Info.Mail Two-Day Delivery Window
Effective March 1, 2015, clients have the option of having their Info.Mail items delivered exactly at the time of their choice on any two consecutive business days. This will allow for better HR planning at the POS and call centers, for excellent coordination for crossmedia campaigns and pinpointed advertising activities for promotions and events.

The price for your items will depend on the following factors: 

  • format and weight (identical for all items) 
  • amount (minimum of 400 items, payment of additional fee if minimum is not reached)
  • promotional content
  • machine processable
  • returns yes/no


Promotional content

  • encourages people to buy
  • includes merchandise or service-related promotions
  • includes calls for donations, election advertising, association newspapers, questionnaires, information about local authorities or 
  • serves communication purposes as part of customer loyalty activities, no purchase or payment required

Additional requirements

  • all items must have the same sender (variations by seller are acceptable)
  • identical address on the inside and outside
  • identical format and weight and same cover (physical appearance may vary)
  • identical main product (mail-merge letter with variable images and text elements). The following may be added: free samples and promotional items, client and club cards (without payment function and without the requirement to prove one's identity) - third-party inserts, provided that they qualify as Info.Mail items regarding their content

What does not qualify as Info.Mail?

  • Invoices, payment reminders
  • Invoices for membership fees and subscriptions
  • Information about credits and bonus checks with varying euro amounts (without corresponding purchase offers) 
  • Account statements, balance information and account access data such as PINs, TANs and passwords
  • Payment slips (unless related to a non-binding offer)
  • Contract elements and contract modifications
  • Credit cards and ATM cards and chipcards with identifying information
  • Proofs of identity with different photos

Also, hazardous substances and items that violate legal stipulations or that are not suitable for processing in Austrian Post's system will not be accepted for shipping.

All Info.Mail items must include the following two-line information:

Österreichische Post AG
Info.Mail Entgelt bezahlt

When using envelopes with windows, address labels or when printing the address on the item, the permit imprint may be printed in a single line above the address.
The permit imprint may not be printed bold or underlined. In addition, an empty line must be added underneath the permit imprint.

With the ideal packaging and the right design of both the item itself and the recipients' address, you will ensure that your direct mail items are processed and delivered quickly, thus arriving at your addressees' mailbox right on time. 

Info.Mail items may be sent either open or sealed. Closing flaps should either be glued or tucked in. Austrian Post is entitled to open random samples of sealed items for the purpose of verifying their content. To acclerate the delivery process, we recommend using machine readable and processable items. For important information about machine readability and processability, please see our brochures "Address Your Items Like a Pro" and "Design Your Business Items Like a Pro" in our download area. 

Information for items with a glossy surface:
We will apply self-adhesive labels in the lower part of the encoding zone of large-format items (up to format C4, bundled for delivery) which are packaged with plastic foil or which have a highly glossy surface. Hence, if you have printed text or images in this area, they will no longer be visible.

Items with complete addresses reach their destination sooner than others!
In order for us to provide swift and high-quality delivery, we need you to provide complete and unequivocal addresses:

  • First name and last name or company name and contact person
  • Street address and number of, if there are several households in one building, also block number, staircase and door number
  • If you are sending items to PO box owners, write "Postfach" and the corresponding PO box number instead
  • For postcodes and the city/town of destination, our postcode list applies

Why do successful companies use direct marketing? Read the three examples below to find out:

Pinpointed and efficient use of your marketing budget
In the retail industry, every penny counts. Intersport Eybl believes in direct customer contact and has been successfuly sending out Info.Mail items and has done so successfully for many years.  

Targeted activities to win new customers using Austrian Post
Originally, all Tschibo/EDUSCHO wanted to do was ship coffee by mail. Today, existing and potential new customers receive information abokut the weekly specials. Info.Mail makes it happen.   

Direct Mail: more offers and better service for repeat customers
Vienna Insurance Group obtains impressive results with targeted Info.Mail activities directed at existing clients. All it takes are well-maintaned address databased and attractive offers. 

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