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Info.Post (unaddressed)

Several persons sitting on cubes reading brochures

Use Info.Post to send unaddressed advertising mail such as

  • leaflets
  • coupons
  • brochures
  • etc.

to up to 3.1 million households in Austria. Our inexpensive rates are great for large distribution areas, but it takes as little as 400 items to benefit from these special rates.

  • Leaflets are a very effective, up-to-date and ineffective advertising format
  • They are very popular among Austrians: approximately 97% find the advertising mail they get in their postboxes interesting*
  • Experienced delivery people ensure high delivery quality
  • CO2 neutral delivery to all destinations in Austria

*Leaflet study by Marketagent, 2015

Leaflets are the champions of effective and inexpensive advertising. According to a representative survey among Austrian households, people predominantly rely on brochures to learn about new products: approximately 90% of Austrians read the advertising material they receive in their mailbox. 55% of Austrians rely on brochures to decide where they will do their weekend grocery shopping. 

(Customer satisfaction survey carried out by Austrian Post in October 2010; 3.2 million questionnaires; 288.000 completed)
With leaflets, you can reach up to 3.2 million households. Targeted regional distribution is available as well, e.g. in areas close to certain stores. Leaflets can be produced and sent out swiftly, which makes them a great choice for promoting your latest special offers.

We recommend using geomarketing to refine your distribution plans. This will help you reach your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. Choose from a large number of criteria, including age, marital status, purchasing power and geographical criteria. Geomarketing lets you select those distribution areas that are a perfect fit for the criteria of your choice. In addition, geomarketing allows you to limit the distribution of your items to addresses located within a previously defined radius of your store.


Use our new Austrian Post online tool to design distribution plans yourself. As a matter of course, if you prefer personal assistance, our customer advisors at your local postal service location will be happy to help.

Info.Post Classic

Your best choice for small volumes and special formats. 


Info.Post Collect

Use this service if your items can be processed automatically. 


Info.Post Collect Plus

For machine processable items at a discount.


Info.Post Express

Our service for time-sensitive items.