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Info.Post Collect

Use our Info.Post Collect service to post machine-processable leaflets, brochures and items sent to all households. They will be delivered in a sleeve that's sure to get everybody's attention ("KUVERT"). Highly attractive shipping rates apply.

If you would like to send special formats, samples or small volumes, please use Info.Post.Classic 

Info.Post Collect
Suited for machine-processable brochures
Delivery inside our "KUVERT" envelopes
Minimum amount 30,000 units
Delivery days weekly Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday
Rate from EUR 6.12* Euro per 100 items
Drop-off at 3 Collect distribution centers (in Vienna, Oberwang and Graz)
Recipients 3.1 mio. households
Distribution unit postcode, delivery district
Maximum dimension L 300 x W 229 x H 3 mm
  100 g
Minimum dimensions L 148 x W 210 mm
Minimum weight 5 g
Shipping documents Posting list as defined in Post.ShippingManager
*) plus taxes and advertising levy



  • Higher planning precision for delivery
  • Less preparatory work because no bundling is required
  • Post is the sender, which increases trust
  • Maximum attention for your advertising message
  • Delivered to 3.1 million households
  • Reliable delivery twice a week (Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday)


There is no need to bundle Info.Post Collect items.

At the time of posting, the sender is requested to provide a completed posting list as indicated in our Posting Manager as well as one Info.Post Collect item (sample).

Info.Post Collect items are accepted for posting at our "Collator" distribution centres, Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

  • Collator distribution center East 1009; Bleibtreustraße 2, 1110 Vienna
  • Collator distribution center West 5009; Gewerbestraße 4, 4882 Oberwang
  • Collator distribution center Centr 8009; ITG Halle 8, Kögler Weg 50, 8042 Graz.

Info.Post Collect items may include the information "Zugestellt durch Österreichische Post" ('delivered by Austrian Post').

KUVERT, an Austrian Post advertising channel, reaches households twice a week and offers interesting articles, tips and special offers. For advertisers, KUVERT (format 25x297) offers the opportunity of reaching 3.1 households. It's more than just a sleeve for machine-processable brochures, but an advertising channel in its own right. KUVERT might just be the right choice for your advertising activities.

With its brand-new cover for every issue, KUVERT attracts attention and makes recipients want to see what's inside. Both two inside pages can be used for advertorials or ads. Regional advertising and tip on cards are also available.