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Info.Post Express

Use Info.Post Express as a great solution for time-sensitive leaflets. Delivery within two business days is guaranteed, provided that you drop them off before 2 p.m. at one of our delivery bases after paying for postage at your local postal branch. Two options are available: Info.Post for obituaries and Info.Post for commercial use. Reduced rates apply to obituaries.

Suited for commercial items and obituaries
Delivery individually
Minimum amount 400 units
Delivery time E+2 (two business days after posting)
Rate Obituaries: EUR 18,78* per 100 items
Commercial: from EUR 30 per 100 units
Drop-off two-step process, first at your postal service location and subsequently at the delivry base
Recipients 3.1 mio. households
Maximum dimensions 324 x 229 x 24 mm
Maximum weight Obituaries: 10 g
Commercial: 50 g
Minimum dimensions 140 x 90 mm
Shipping documents

Posting list by delivery base and bundle label as defined in Post.ShippingManager. Exception: for obituaries, these documents may be created at the postal service locations.

*excludes taxes and advertising levy.

Please prepare your items by bundling them and by enclosing a posting list sorted by delivery base as well as a bundle label as defined by the Post Shipping Manager.

1. Bundling

Info.Post Express items are mailed in locality bundles. Please separate bundles that include more than 200 items with divider sheets of 100 or 200 items each or by placing them at a 90 degree angle.

The following maximum dimensions apply to bundles:
Height: minimum of 20 mm and maximum of 235 mm
Maximum weight: 10 kg per bundle
Please tie the bundles to ensure that they withstand all handling processes and do not fall apart. If the items cannot be tied in bundles, you have the option of mailing them in envelopes, cardboard boxes or other containers. The maximum weight is always 10 kg.

2. Bundle labels

For every bundle (or envelope, box or container), please include a completed bundle label. To create these bundle labels, please use the latest version of our Post.Versandmanager (Shipping Manager).

3. Posting lists and sample
In addition, we need a posting list sorted by delivery bases. Please use the latest version of our Post.Versandmanager (Shipping Manager) and complete the form accurately.

We kindly ask you to include a sample of the items you are sending.

Exception for death announcements: in this case, your Austrian Post service location will take care of creating bundle labels and the posting list. All you have to do is bundle your items.

In addition to bundle labels, you will need a posting list, correctly completed as per the instructions provided in our Posting Manager, as well as a sample of your Info.Post Express mailing.


Jede Info.Post Express Sendung kann den Vermerk „Zugestellt durch Österreichische Post“ tragen.

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