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Kuvert, cover of different issues
KUVERT is delivered to all households twice a week. It includes great articles, hints and tipps and special offers. KUVERT is the advertising sleeve by Austrian Post
To advertisers, KUVERT offers the excellent opportunity of reaching up to 3.1 million households*. KUVERT is so much more than just an envelope for machine-processable leaflets: it’s also a highly successful advertising channel.
Studies in recent years have clearly shown that “KUVERT“ has impressive results in terms of reach, user numbers and brand recognition. During the CAWI Print study 2015, KUVERT once again significantly increased its result for the fourth consecutive time. More than 2.2. million Austrians read the latest edition of KUVERT.
This translates into a reach of 37.8% (2014: 36.5%) among the target audience of 14- to 65-year olds for the Austrian Post advertising sleeve which has been available throughout Austria for three and a half years. The results are excellent for all social strata, especially for women (41.3%), homemakers (41.6%) and 30- to 49-year olds (37.3%). In Vienna, the reach of KUVERT even increased by an impressive 26.9% to hit 30.7%!
The large array of advertising opportunities ranges from cover cooperation and advertorials (inside pages) to image-building advertising activities. Regional advertising and TOCs (adhesive cards) are also available. 
* according to a survey by Austrian Post
** CAWI-Print 2015, 6,000 online interviews, 14 to 65 years, GfK Austria, 12 March to 2 July 2015;  users per issue = reach for the past issue, read/skimmed.

If you are interested in our KUVERT advertising opportunities, please contact us at the address shown below:

Österreichische Post AG
Werbepost Cover
Rochusplatz 1
1030 Vienna
Tel.: +43 57767-24599
Fax: +43 1 4002 29 264

If you have any suggestions, please write to:

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