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Geomarketing lets advertisers address their desired target audiences with pinpoint accuracy and without any wastage. You can define your target audiences by selecting age, purchasing power, city/town of residence, size of city/town and many other criteria. Austrian Post will then select the delivery areas and locations that fit your distribution plan and your previously defined target audience.

Our database makes it happen, for it matches geographical data (such as delivery areas and postcode areas) with sociodemographic criteria (age, marital status, children, etc.) as well as socioeconomic criteria (including purchasing power).


Increased response rates
Reduced wastage
Saves money thanks to fewer printed materials and less postage
Available throughout Austria
Data is updated on a regular basis

Possible areas of use

Geomarketing is a great choice, whether you would like to address a clearly defined target audience or all people in a defined area surrounding your business. Choose from the following options:

Target audience distribution plan

This option lets you define distribution areas by selecting from approximately 40 criteria including age, gender, number of children, level of education, purchasing power, etc. per area/household/person.

Postal branch distribution plan

Choose this option to rely on geomarketing to create a distribution plan based on our list of postal branches. You can select any area surrounding the postal branch of your choice, thereby determining the number of recipients. Upon request, you also have the option of adding target audience specific criteria.


Personalised selection

Rely on geomarketing to react swiftly and in a targeted manner to changing market situations, such as new competitors, traffic hubs, distribution along certain streets, selection of specific delivery areas (e.g. surrounding a specific address), customized delimitation of the distribution area, and much more.


Use our new online tool to define your distribution plans yourself! As a matter of course, if you prefer personal assistance, our customer advisors will also be able to help you at your local Austrian Post service location.