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Industry-Specific Solutions

Austrian Post is a highly experienced service provider for comprehensive and customised solutions in all things shipping, marketing and logistics. We assist our clients during the market entry phase and we are always happy to share our expertise rearding the Austrian market, its particularities and regional differences.

Austrian Post can also help you find new clients, increase customer loyalty, improve your marketing  efforts for specific target audiences and implement cross-media solutions to address your potential clients with pinpoint accuracy.

Focus on your core business and let us take care of all the rest: mailroom management, response management, preparation for shipping, printing and producing for your items. In addition, we also offer parcel and logistics solutions.

For many years, Austrian Post has been your trusted business partner for traditional advertising media such as leaflets and direct mails. In addition, we have extensive expertise regarding new media and cross-media solutions.
Austrian Post supports clients with precise target group analyses designed to win new clients and increase customer loyalty. Response management services are also available. You can also rely on our many years' experience when it comes to preparing items for shippings.

 Customer acquisition and customer loyalty 

Target group marketing

Response management

Shipping preparation

Personal assistance


Austrian Post is your business partner of choice for printing and producing, delivery preparation, response management, and logistics solutions. We support our clients proactively when it comes to improving logistics processes, achieving accurate mail production and collecting response elements and evaluating them.

Response management

Delivery preparation

Printing and producing

Logistics solutions

Austrian Post is the business partner of choice for financial services providers when it comes to the reliable delivery of all postal items. In addition, we support our clients to create added value along the value chain by providing services in the following areas: customer acquisition and customer loyalty and target group marketing. We'll be happy to meet with you in person to discuss available options.

Customer acquisition and customer loyalty

Target group-specific marketing

Response management

Shipping preparation

Personal assistance


Success Story: Generali AG

Each and every day, Austrian Post reaches all Austrian postboxes. We know Austrian households and their preferences. Among retail companies and their customers, leaflets are by far the most popular advertising option. Let us help you select the right delivery areas for yor advertising and help keep wastage to a minimum.

We offer discount shipping rates for those who give something back to society: non-profit organizations, organizations affiliated with churches, associations and other non-profit organizations qualify.

In addition to providing reliable shipping, Austrian Post also makes its expertise regarding the Austrian donation sector available to non-profit organizations. We can help you find new donors and turn one-time donors into sustaining donors. Austrian Post is also happy to help when it comes to delivery preparation and return management. Let us be your strong and experienced partner.

  • Donor drives and donor loyalty activities
  • Address management
  • Marketing for specific target audiences
  • Production
  • Mailing fundraising letters
  • Return and response management

Public institutions have specific needs when it comes to postal services. They want official mail to be delivered to recipients without delay, they want information addressed to all households to be delivered, applications for absentee voting to be shipped on time and absentee voting processess to be carried out with high precision.

Austrian Post is your business partner of choice for delivering physical items as well as for addressing the right target audience, designing cross-media dialogue solutions, printing and producing services, delivery preparation and mail room management.

  • Marketing activities tailored to your target audience
  • Cross-media dialogue solutions
  • Delivery preparation
  • Logistics solutions
  • Mailroom management

Brochure City Day 2019

Success Story: 2015 Vienna Regional Elections

Success Story: Election Service 2017 Parliamentary Elections

Every year, Austrian Post delivers several hundred million items, which results in extensive experience, expertise and reliability. This benefits the tourism industry on many fronts. Austrian Post is your partner of choice for all things clients acquisition and client loyalty using cross-media dialogue solutions. We will also be happy to take care of response management services for you.

  • Client acquisition and client loyalty
  • Cross-media dialogue solutions
  • Response management
  • Preparation for delivery

Every year, Austrian Post delivers hundreds of millions of print publications, which results in extensive experience, expertise and reliability. Publishers can capitalize on this on many different fronts because Austrian Post knows what it takes to handle the delivery process for print publications. All available resources are used to make sure readers throughout Austria receive their newspapers swiftly and safely. We deliver newspapers to everybody's mailbox, even if they live in remote areas. For many years, a large number of national and international publishers have been relying on Austrian Post for delivering their print publications. They appreciate Austrian Post's comprehensive logistics service and the one-stop-shop concept. Let Austrian Post take care of all processes, starting with preparation for shipping all the way to delivery to mailboxes anywhere in Austria and extensive subscription services.


  • Client acquisition and client loyalty
  • Cross-media dialogue solutions
  • Response management
  • Preparation for shipping

Success Story: NEWS Publishing House



Success Story: Obersteirische Rundschau


Austrian Post is a great business partner for mail-order companies that are trying to gain a foothold on the market. We will assist you with your daily business, especially winning new clients and managing relationships with existing clients. We have in-depth expertise regarding regional differences that we will be happy to share with you. Let us assist you in finding new clients and in building customer loyalty. We also offer marketing services tailored to specific target audiences as well as cross-media approaches for pinpointed communication proceses with your potential clients.

Rely on us for all of the above and focus on your core business. Let Austrian Post take care of mail room management, warehousing activities, fulfillment services, response management, preparation for delivery as well as printing and producing your advertising material. In addition, we have a wide range of parcel and logistics solutions available.

  • Entry into the market
  • Find clients and build customer loyalty
  • Targeted marketing
  • Logistics solutions
  • Parcel solutions

Success Story: UNITO-Group



Success Story: Goldener Schnitt