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Mail Room Management

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Let Austrian Post support your in-house mail room by outsourcing specific processes or even your entire mail handling processes.

Responsibilities at modern mail rooms have increased considerably in recent years. Both the mail volume and cost pressure are constantly increasing. In addition, in-house distribution processes are getting more and more complex. Many companies want a professional solution for this key business area. They need a solution that will ensure continuous operation with streamlined processes while relying on sophisticated technology. In addition, companies want fixed-price offers that will allow them to budget for this expense.

We have the answer for these needs: our Mail Room Management services are the perfect solution. Our experts will analyse and optimize your in-house postal processes and streamline your mail handling.

Optimised incoming mail, internal distribution and outgoing mail

  • Our clients benefit from our many years’ mail handling experience.
  • Our experts create customised solutions, thus ensuring continuous and highly reliable and continuous services.
  • The introduction, documentation and monitoring of standardised and effective processes reveals optimisation potential and capitalises on it.
  • As a first step, we will analyse all processes related to your incoming mail, in-house distribution and distribution to other locations and third parties as well as all outgoing mail processes.
  • During the implementation phase, we will also provide a detailed analysis of operating costs. By adapting spaces, technology and equipment to specific needs, clients will save more money.

Smart optimisation will ensure your long-time success

  • New solutions for incoming mail, in-house distribution and outgoing mail will free more resources for additional services.
  • With a customised service package, streamlined operating costs and foreseeable HR expenses, the mail room will be in a position to provide new services.
  • Our mailroom management services translate into savings potential in the following areas:
    Internal services
    Telephone and reception service
    Courier services and distribution
    Light office work
    Shipping and storage-related activities
    Printing and copying

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