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Archive Digitisation

Given the ever-growing amount of paper, an increasing number of employees spend their time looking for relevant information instead of actually processing it. The solution to this predicament is an electronic archiving system with integrated archive digitisation for paper files.

Scanpoint, a wholly owned subsidiary of Austrian Post, will scan your files and documents. All documents will be indexed using the concise information provied on the spines of files or on the document. In addition, the commonly used filing structure with dividers can be maintained.

Digitised data can be accessed independently of the user's location. In addition, data can be accessed simultaneously by different users. Existing filing structures can also be recreated digitally, which makes searching and finding files a breeze. Scanpoint ensures maximum security and quality. High-performance scanners and image enhancing software are used to provide maximum-quality images, which are compatible with all archiving and IT systems.

Depending on the client's needs, data will be provided on a data carrier or via secure transmission. Scanpoint will store origial files for a specific period of time, dispose of them in accordance with data protection regulations or return them to the client. We charge for the actual amount of digitised files and the services rendered. Our clients always benefit from top-notch quality regarding our hardware, software and expertise.

For additional information, please visit Scanpoint's website.

  • Speeds up access and processing: Accessing your archive will be faster than ever before and there will be no more need to go through large amounts of paper. This will allow you to focus on the actual processing.
  • Access from anywhere: Unlike traditional archives, digital archives can be accessed directly and easily by all employees, whether they are at their home office, at other locations or even abroad.
  • Safety first/compliance: We use redundant data storage at different locations and different data carriers to ensure maximum data safety in the case of fire, floods, etc. This makes your files tamper-proof, which will pay off in case of an emergency.
  • Standardised and documented quality processes: Given the increasing degree of corporate internationalisation, corporate processes are often subject to standardised quality and transparency criteria. Our digital archiving service is an important component of this professionalisation process.
  • No storage required
  • Physical archives require dedicated facilities and sometimes even staff. With digital archiving, the need for both facilities and staff is reduced to a minimum.