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Rates for domestic EMS - business

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Rates for Business Clients:

Do you send mail items on a commercial basis and would you like to learn everything about Austrian Post's rates, services and conditions?

Our sales team will be happy to issue price quotes tailored to your needs and to provide detailed price information. Our employees are highly knowledgeable and provide in-depth information. Please contact us directly to make an appointment for a personal meeting.

Special rates for business clients


Weight Max. format Rate
up to 2 kg L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm   9.96
up to 4 kg L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm 11.16
up to 8 kg L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm 14.16
up to 10 kg L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm 15.16
up to 12 kg L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm 17.86
up to 20 kg L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm 22.66
up to 31.5 kg L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm 31.66

Indicated rates include a EUR 0.23 Austrian road toll surcharge and 20% VAT.

Proof of posting, item tracking, delivery against signature (or electronic conformation), insurance for up to EUR 1,500.00                     

Express items are subject to VAT. All rates and surcharges indicated below are gross prices and include 20% VAT.
Special shipping domestic EMS
EMS items that exceed the standard dimensions or which cannot be processed automatically due to their shape or consistency have to be sorted manually and shipped separately. These include:       
  • Nonrectangular EMS items that are smaller than L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm
  • EMS items of all shapes that are bigger than L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm (up to a girth of 360 cm) as well
  • EMS items with fragile or sensitive content    

 Surcharge EUR incl. VAT
Special shipping 7.20
Additional service charged in addition to postage Rate
Delivery to addressee in person 3.72
Cash-on-delivery/ transfer to bank account 4.20
Items with indicated value of up to EUR 500 6.00
Items with indicated value beyond EUR 500, for every EUR 100 or parts thereof


Sender information Free of charge
Addressee information Free of charge
Preferred postal branch / preferred pickup station:
shipping to a pre-defined Austrian Post service location or an Austrian Post pickup station *)
Free of charge

*) The mobile phone number or the e-mail address will be registered at the time of posting. As soon as the parcel has been received, the addressee will automatically receive a text message or an e-mail notification.


Time-specific additional services charged in addition to postage Rate
Delivery to 10 a.m. to a regional capital 10.80
Saturday delivery to a regional capital 10.80
Saturday delivery anywhere in Austria 21.60


Domestic EMS Return Items

Service Rate for up to 10 kg Rate for 10 kg and up
EMS return items, everything included 5.00 6.00
For items that weigh up to 10 kilos, this service is considered a universal service and as such is exempt from VAT. Indicated rates for items that exceed 10 kilos include 20% VAT.