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Franking Machines

Do you use stamps for postage and want to make your postage handling easier? We have good news for you: an automated high-performance franking machines will make your postage handling more efficient and will help you save money.

Franking machines are an easy and time-efficient choice for sending your letter mail items to domestic and international destinations.

Saves time
The higher the amount of letter mail items you post on a regular basis, the more time you will save by using franking machines. The cost of small machines is usually amortised with an average daily mail volume ranging between 10 and 20 letter mail items.

Customised letter mail items
Franking machines also offer the great opportunity of advertising your business on every piece of mail you send by using personalized indicia with your company name or logo.

Four manufacturers of franking machines
Austrian Post itself does not manufacture or distribute franking machines. Four certified manufacturers sell franking machines in Austria. For more information about franking machines, please contact the manufacturers listed below.

Frama Austria GmbH, GmbH

Francotyp-Postalia GmbH, GmbH

Neopost GmbH & Co.KG 

Pitney Bowes Austria Ges.m.b.H.

New technology for franking machines, switch before 30 June 2013
Since 2009, Austrian Post has been working with four manufacturers of franking machines in Austria on the introduction of a new technology, which will make franking machines even more convenient and provide advantages on a long-term basis. After 30 June 2013, franking machines with integrated software may be used only. The advantage is that these franking machines can easily and conveniently be adapted to changing needs. After 30 June 2013, old franking machine models may no longer be operated.


All franking machines operated in Austria need to be registered with Austrian Post and authorized for operation by Austrian Post. Franking machines may be registered by general representatives or their agents at the corporate headquarters of Austrian Post only. The same applies to all changes to the registration.

All required standardized forms are available from general representations and their agents. After Austrian Post has received and reviewed all required information, an authorization to operate a franking machine for letter mail items will be issued within four business days (not including Saturdays). We require the following information:

  • Purchase/ initial operation of a franking machine
  • Change of location (postal address)
  • Changes to the indicia
  • New owner (also in the case of company reorganization, changes to the legal form, change of company name etc.)
  • Withdrawal from use/sale of franking machine
  • Malfunctions, loss, theft or other circumstances that could threaten the proper operation of the franking machines
  • Operational data

Important information: If the ownership structure of the company changes (also in the case of a company reorganization, changes to the legal form, change of the company name etc.), you are required to cancel the registration and to register again.

Malfunctions, loss, theft or other circumstances that could threaten the proper operation of the franking machines need to be reported to Austrian Post in writing.

Österreichische Post AG
Produktmanagement Brief
Postgasse 8
1010 Vienna

Operators of franking machines are required to allow inspectors commissioned by Austrian Post or the general representatives in question to inspect the franking machine at any time during general business hours. Only letter mail items belonging to the registered owner of the franking machine may be franked on the machine in question.

Postage discount
Every team you load postage to a franking machine that relies on new technology, you will receive an immediate discount of 1% off the prepaid amount.


Available 24/7
Franking machines allow you to frank your items and reload postage around the clock.

Self-posting at letterboxes and mail posting kiosks
Provided that you are not using any additional services, you can drop your PRIO letter mail items into any letterbox or a mail posting kiosk in your self-service area of your postal branch. ECO items may not be posted at the posting kiosks in self-sevice areas and in letterboxes.

Cashless postage payment
Load additional postage anytime electronically. All transactions will be invoiced directly by the manufacturer's billing department. No cash payments are required.

Define cost centres
You have the option of defining access rights for different cost centres and to have postage costs invoiced for each cost centre separately. This will make the precise allocation of postage costs to specific departments easy and straightforward.

Saves time
Thanks to their high processing speed, franking machines can promptly handle large volumes of mail. Additional modules, e.g., automated feeds, letter scales as well as folding systems,  inserting systems etc. make your mail handling processes easier and more efficient.

Tracing how many items have been sent has never been easier.

Our additional service "registered mail" can be added along with postage. Some models have the option of managing bar codes for registered mail and printing them on your items.

Promotional print
You can make your letter mail items stand from the crowd with a personalized promotional print, for example your company logo.

After 30 June 2013,  only franking machines with integrated software that include a 2D barcode as a safety feature (data matrix) may be operated. Older types of franking machines may no longer be used after 30 June 2013.

If you need additional information about franking machines, please contact us at or call us at 0800 212 212. The franking machine manufacturers will also be happy to assist you in all matters and will help you register your new franking machine.

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