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Services for domestic parcels - business

Man carrying a fragile parcel

Send parcels to a preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch
At all postal branches and Austrian Post partner businesses, you have the option of posting parcels addressed to a preferred pickup station or a preferred postal branch. Use the link below to find a preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch that's conveniently located for the addressee of your parcel.

Go to branch locator

When the parcel rings twice...
  • When posting the parcel, choose the preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch where your parcel will be delivered, for example a postal branch close to your client's office, a postal branch with extended opening hours or a pickup station that's available 24/7.
  • You choose if you would like the addressee to get an e-mail or a text message notification as soon as we receive the parcel at the preferred pickup station or the preferred postal branch.
  • The addressee can pick up the parcel immediately after receiving the electronic message, at no additional cost.
  • If the addressee does not pick up the parcel within three days, we will send another electronic message telling him or her that the parcel is ready for pickup.
When posting your parcel, please indicate:
  • the words "Wunsch-Abholstation“ (preferred pickup station) or "Wunsch-Postfiliale“ (preferred postal branch),
  • the addressee's (title) as well as first name and last name
  • the address of the preferred pickup station or postal branch of your choice. (There is no need to indicate a mobile phone number or e-mail address on the parcel itself. When posting your parcel, just ask the Austrian Post staff member to send it to a preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch and give him or her the addressee's e-mail address or mobile phone number.)
  • Sample addresses:
    Preferred pickup station (Wunsch-Abholstation)
    John Doe
    Dresdner Straße 116-118
    1200  Vienna

    Preferred postal branch 1235 (Wunsch-Postfiliale 1235)
    Jane Doe
    Liesinger Platz 2
    1230  Vienna

Watch this video to see how easy it all is!

Use our addressee information service to have us send your clients a notification about the upcoming delivery of your item. This notification can be provided by e-mail or text message.

Your benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction with comprehensive information
  • Improved fist-attempt delivery rate thanks to information about the time of delivery and thus:
    • faster transfer of cash-on-delivery payments
    • faster merchandise return
  • Option to include your company name in the notifications sent via text message or e-mail
  • Option to include your company logo in e-mail notifications
  • Option to indicate the pending cash-on-delivery amount

How it works:

  • First information with expected delivery date is sent out when Austrian Post accepts the parcel
  • Second information is sent out when the delivery person takes the item on his or her route

Successful online business needs swift and customised return solutions for domestic and international items.

Austrian Post offers a number of return options:

  • Adding physical return labels to the item (create them via our PostLabelCenter)
  • Direct link that will take clients to the Austrian Post return portal
  • Online service with data entry on your website for your international clients ("easy return solution")

Ask your customer adviser for details!

Parcel Stamps
Parcel stamps are postage stickers for parcels that you can easily create online. The price is determined not by the weight, but by your parcel's dimensions. There are three rates. The sum of the longest and shortest side of your parcel will determine the postage fee, which applies to all parcels that weigh up to 31.5 kg.


  • Parcels with parcel stamps can be posted
    - at all Austrian Post service locations
    - with rural delivery people and at participating OMV filling stations
  • Overview of items of the past 3 months
  • Direct item tracking
  • Address data can be saved and accessed as desired
  • Free services: 
    preliminary information to addressee, preferred pickup station and preferred postal branch
  • Parcel stamps can be customised with your personal pictures and logo
  • Liability for up to EUR 510.00 per item

Click here to create your parcel stamp online now 

Parcel stamp rates

Online help for parcel stamps - go to video

Vorfrankiertes Wein Paket


This box comes with a domestic wine parcel stamp, which includes domestic postage, packaging, Austrian Post liability up to EUR 510, Austrian road toll surcharge and VAT.

  • Three different sizes available, designed for shipping three, six or twelve bottles
  • For bottles between 290 and 355 mm in height
  • Available in our packaging store
  • Available in packages of five units, comes in a box

Use our wine parcels with prepaid postage to send your wines both to destinations in Austria and the European Union:

  Rates in EUR incl. VAT
Prepaid wine parcel 3 bottles 6 bottles 12 bottles
Basic fee for domestic shipping 7.40 8.60 11.00
Surcharge for shipping to Germany 9.36 10.68 10.68
Surcharge for shipping to all other EU countries* 13.80 18.36 23.28

*) The price difference will be charged at the time of posting at your Austrian Post location.  

Tip: Purchase your prepaid wine parcel right away in our online packaging store.
Post your ready-to-mail wine parcels at any Austrian Post service location in Austria or at participating OMV filling stations. At OMV stations, however, only domestic wine parcels can be posted. At Austrian Post service locations, you can make the additional payment for shipping to EU countries and you have the option of paying for our trusted "registered mail" service.

To find a postal branch near you for purchasing your wine parcel, please click here.

 Weinpaket - Kartons

Für Post-Vertragskunden, die geeignetes zertifiziertes Verpackungsmaterial für den bruchsicheren Versand Ihrer Weinflaschen benötigen, ist das Weinpaket Business die optimale Lösung:

  • Die Leerkartons sind für den Versand von einer, zwei, drei, sechs und zwölf Flasche(n) erhältlich.
  • Bestellbar zu jeweils 10 Stück im Überkarton verpackt über das Vertriebs-Backoffice der Post.
  • Die Lieferung der Leerkartons erfolgt am nächsten Werktag über unser Tochterunternehmen und Fulfillment-Spezialisten Systemlogistik.

    Systemlogistik Distribution GmbH
  • Die befüllten Kartons werden ganz einfach mit dem Paket-Versandsystem Post-Labelcenter belabelt. Die Verrechnung der Transportkosten (bei Versand der befüllten Pakete) und der Leerkartons erfolgt gemäß jeweiliger Vertriebsvereinbarung.
Wenn Sie Interesse an dieser Lösung haben, nützen Sie bitte einfach das Kontaktformular.

OMV Parcel Service
You can post your parcels at all participating OMV filling stations. This is a great option for field service employees because it allows them to swiftly send their documents to headquarters while they are on the go.


  • Attractive opening hours, plenty of parking, swift processing
  • The sum of the longest and shortes side of the parcel determines the price
  • Mail-order returns and items with parcel stamps are accepted
  • Proof of posting with tracking number for easy online tracking
  • Swift shipping and reliable delivery

Your parcel's dimensions will determine the postage:

Name Parcel's longest + shortest side  Rate per parcel in EUR incl. VAT
Austria Germany All other EU countries*
PM 45 total max. 45 cm 4.60 10.60 13.60
PM 70 total max. 70 cm 6.60 15.60 18.60
PM 120 total max. 120 cm 8.60 20.60 23.60

* All other EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark,  Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Letonia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweeden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus. Please note that parcels cannot be sent to EU overseas territories or to any regions that are not part of the EU customs and fiscal area (including Greenland, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Channel Islands etc.)

- Maximum weight per parcel: 31.5 kg
- Austrian Post liability per parcel up to a maximum of: EUR 510.00

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