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Customs Forms

In order for you to pay customs duties for your items, customs authorities in the country of destination must know the exact content of your item. This is why you need to fully complete the declaration to avoid delays or inconveniences for the addressee. Incorrect or misleading declarations may lead to fines or confiscation of the item.

Your merchandise may be subject to restrictions. It is your responsibility to find information about import and export regulations (bans, quarantine limitations, restrictions for pharmaceutical products etc.) as well as about the documents required by the country of destination (commercial invoice, certificate of origin, health certificate, licences, authorizations for merchandise subject to quarantine restrictions such as animal and plant products, food items etc.).

Any merchandise imported or exported as part of a transaction based on money or on a barter system is considered commercial merchandise. Please note the list of prohibited items for your country of destination (e.g. hazardous goods, cash etc.). To learn more, see our country-specific information.

Please complete the form below, after which you will receive all documents required for the customs declaration filled out and ready to use:

  • Parcel declaration
  • Certificate of posting
  • Customs declaration CN23

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