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Areas of activity Pölzl

Curriculum vitae and areas of responsibility

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CEO’s areas of activity at headquarters


Strategy and corporate development

  • Strategic development of Austrian Post corporation  
  • Strategy development support for all business areas
  • Creation and supervision of company-wide change programmes
  • Support for mergers and acquisitions

Communications strategy and advertising


  • Communications strategy and lobbying
  • Corporate design and corporate identity (CD/CI)
  • B2C advertising
  • Portal management
  • Market research

Press relations and internal communication

  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Event management
  • Sponsoring activities

Investor relations and corporate governance

  • Investor relations
  • Corporate governance
  • CSR/sustainability

Web innovation management

  • Web strategy
  • Management of responsibilities among divisions
  • Development and implementation of online products and services
  • Bundling of online sales activities in the online shop and e-commerce activities
  • Promotion of online products and services

Corporate auditing, risk management and compliance

  • Corporate auditing
  • Risk management
  • Compliance

Human resource management

  • Austrian Post labour market
  • Retirement issues
  • Personnel administration and payroll
  • Labour law
  • Recruiting
  • Environmental protection
  • Continuing education

End client initiatives and customer service

  • Consumer insight analyses
  • Customer assistance for Austrian Post clients
E-Commerce Innovationmanagement
  • E-commerce strategy
  • Online marketplace shö
  • Special logistics solutions for e-commerce dealers