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Mission Statement


Everything we do revolves around our customers

We truly care about customer service

We are inspired by our customers

  • We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated – we are courteous, accommodating and well-qualified.
  • First and foremost, we are always there for our customers.
  • We take great care to present ourselves in a clear, unmistakable and pleasant way.

We are the first choice for all our customers

  • We set the standard in terms of quality and customer focus.
  • We take our customers’ criticism seriously and see it as an opportunity to improve.
  • We use our strengths to benefit our customers, well beyond any national borders.

We stand for reliability, confidentiality and efficiency

  • We give our customers a clear and precise promise regarding our services and we always keep our promises.
  • We design our products and services so they are customer-focused, simple and easy to understand.
  • We guarantee reliable and comprehensive postal services in Austria, even in an ever-changing environment.

We focus on the future

We truly care about economic efficiency and sustainability

We focus on results and aim to secure our market position

  • We are efficient and make personal contributions to the company’s success.
  • We think long-term and plan ahead to deal with financially difficult situations.
  • We protect our company’s future as one of the country’s most important employers and service providers.

We set ambitious goals

  • We do everything within our power to reach our goals.
  • We secure our market position by having goal-oriented ideas and innovations.
  • We take advantage of new technologies in order to create added value.

We use our resources sparingly and in a sustainable way

  • We take full advantage of our achievement potential and make good use of synergies as well as our experiences beyond department limits – on both the small and the large scale.
  • We consistently and continuously simplify our processes and keep our high-quality service promise
  • We use resources sparingly, carefully and are environmentally aware.

We are all part of Austrian Post

We truly care about open lines of communication, respect and appreciation

We are open and honest and treat each other with respect

  • We give each other immediate and open feedback. We criticize the issue and not the people.
  • We solve conflicts internally, don’t leak information to the outside and are always concerned about our company’s reputation.
  • We all stand behind decisions that have been made and implement them together.

We recognize, expect and support performance

  • We create a performance-oriented workplace in which employees can thrive and grow.
  • We preventively support health and safety.
  • We consider change to be an opportunity and are determined to implement changes quickly.

To us, leadership is a very special kind of responsibility

  • As executives, we are role models – on both the human and the technical level.
  • We give guidance and strive to achieve our goals while working in teams with the right people in the right positions.
  • We are open to our employees’ concerns and feedback.