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Agreement Finally Reached Between Management Board and Staff Representatives

Pressemeldung from 02.11.2000

Two months intense negotiations of Österreichische Post AG's staff representatives and management board led to an agreement on strategy for concentration of delivery bases and increased productivity.

Weeks long negotiations led to an agreement as to the delivery bases plan as follows: Concentration of delivery as presented in the original Postal Strategy will be postponed. In a pilot starting on January 1st, 2001, to which staff representatives agreed, 24 delivery bases will be created. This real time test will last up to March 31, 2001. Profitability calculations by a special in-company economic committee will be presented mid-April, and serve as basis for future decisions. Satisfactory results of this analysis will lead to implementation of the delivery bases plan. In case the pilot proves to be a flop, a new decision as to fulfilment of productivity increase planned for 2001 by some 500 full time staff members will have to be taken. Management board and staff representatives agree on urgency of increased productivity.

At the same time negotiations take place between management board and staff representatives as concerns a country-wide staff evaluation system for Austria.

Implementation of a new logistic shift scheme, of staff participation in company success, and of a new adequate staff training scheme have now be followed by a further agreement of management board and staff representatives.

According to the Österreichische Post AG's C.E.O., "agreements reached are very important for modernisation of the company. Difficult but fair negotiations show that Postal Workers Union and management board both look for positive development of company. Actions agreed upon are very promising, as prolonged negotiation would have delayed urgent transformations".

Hans Georg Dörfler, chairman of the staff representatives committee says: "Result of negotiations are a compromise. Profitability calculations will show the value of concentration of delivery activities. I am convinced that the economic committee composed by both parties will be very careful to avoid any unfortunate trend as concerns staff as well as economical intersts".

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