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Post sends you a mail - Each and every household in Austria is winning!

Pressemeldung from 29.08.2000

Österreichische Post AG's largest direct mailing containing a free voucher for a ticket of the new Austrian lottery "Tresor"

Another highlight of Österreichische Post AG's promotion campaign is the most im-portant direct mailing the company ever made.

The catalogue "Post sends you a mail" reaching 3.2 million households i Austria lists numerous services and products offered by Österreichische Post AG.
The 48 pages of the first issue of "Post serves everybody" proves the company in-tends to be a "person to person"-service provider offering a high quality and very in-teresting attractive range of products and services.
In this issue you will find clearly arranged rates tables, detachable postcards, a free voucher for a ticket of the new Austrian lottery "Tresor", as well as information on products and services known or not yet explored.
The brochure further presents the idea behind "Postamt Neu" (transformation of post offices into up to date service branches), information on correct addressing of letters, but also on sites and service offers of "Info-Centres", outlets Österreichische Post AG specially created for business customers.
Did you know that Österreichische Post AG collects, sorts, and delivers 17.8 items a day? Did you know that post quickly and securely delivers 834 million newspapers and 42 million parcels and EMS items a year?
The catalogue gives all these company data but also other interesting features on services offered by Österreichische Post AG.
You will also find a special gift, a 20.00 ATS voucher for a ticket of the new Austrian lottery "Tresor" you may present at any Austrian post office, that is on a short dis-tance of the place you just now are.
Service and product catalogue of Österreichische Post AG, and the "Tresor" ticket doubly benefit each and any household!

For further information, kindly contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Company Communication
Public Relations Service
Michael Homola
Phone: +43 1 515 51 5217