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Just Seven Austrian Schillings for Nearly Everything!

Pressemeldung from 15.11.2000

Look at services rendered by Österreichische Post AG for the price of a standard letter post item

Millions of letters circulate all over Austria every day
Last year, Österreichische Post AG forwarded more than one billion letters. Communication for just seven Austrian Schillings: business mail, letters bringing nice or not so nice information, invitations, love letters and so forth.
Who thinks of the most advanced logistics you buy for seven Schillings, Österreichische Post AG's rate for a domestic and European standard letter post item?

Der A letter's journey
Your letter is ready for posting:
All over Austria more than 2300 post offices employing some 8000 counter staff will gladly take charge of your letter, but also serve as consultants for other services. You may also make use of some 25 000 post boxes available in your neighbourhood twenty-four hours a day.
Now comes collection of mail at post boxes and post offices. Items are then forwarded to the nearest sorting centre to be fed into most up to date sorting equipment treating up to 36 000 letters an hour. Machine readable addresses are, however, prerequisite for best use of sorters (information available at your post office and/or in the Internet -
Once sorted, mail is forwarded by rail or road to some 14 000 postmen employed by Österreichische Post AG for delivery to some 3.2 million households.

A distance equivalent to 3000 times the equator covered in just one year
Distances covered by Österreichische Post AG's logistic system are quite spectacular:

  • Some 450 freight wagons cover some 30 million kilometres a year;
  • More than 400 trucks, some 6000 motor cars, and 2000 mopeds cover more than 80 million kilometres a year.
Some 30 airlines are used for transport of mail to distant destination countries.

85% of all mail already delivered the day after it has been posted

Notwithstanding this very complicated procedure - described here in abridged form - 85% of all letters are delivered to addressees in Austria the day after posting (D+1 = day of posting + number of working days). Quality of service being very important in the letter post service, Österreichische Post AG strives to enhance quality. Investments into logistics amounting to more than 3.5 billion ATS, and optimisation of internal processes should lead to have some 95% of all letters delivered the day after posting.