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Österreichische Post AG

Pressemeldung from 05.12.2000

Logistics System Updating - Laying of The Cornerstone in Vienna

Logistics System Updating - Laying of The Cornerstone in Vienna

Österreichische Post AG's new logistics system is designed to ensure competitive capacity of company in a liberalised market dominated by new very rapid media, and looked for by many new providers.
Modernisation will serve enhance quality of service and reduce costs.

Huge mail volumes (more than on billion letters and postcards, nearly 2.5 billion info mails and 42 million parcels and EMS items) treated by Österreichische Post AG require appropriate logistics to be split into five main activities:

  • collection,
  • preparing and sorting,
  • major forwarding,
  • detailed forwarding an sorting, and
  • final delivery.
Sorting centres have to be modernised in order to optimise these activities. This may be done in two diametrically opposed ways:
  • The more letter and parcel sorting centres, the more transport capacity is needed between centres, but also the more manual sorting - and, therefore, sorting costs -, as in this case automation does make no sense.
  • Greater numbers of sorting centres, however, means proximity to customers, and, therefore, reduced costs for preparing mail and detailed forwarding.
Die Österreichische Post AG hat sich österreichweit für sechs Verteilzentren mit vollautomatischen Sortieranlagen in den Bundesländern Kärnten, Oberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Tirol und Wien entschieden.

Österreichische Post AG has chosen to create six sorting centres equipped with fully automated sorting machines in the provinces Carinthia, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, and Vienna.

Total investment for the new structure, transportation logistics included, amounts to some 3.5 billion Austrian Schillings over a five years period. The new system is expected to save some 1.2 billion Austrian Schillings a year, and to simultaneously enhance quality of service. Today some 85 to 90 percent of letter post items are delivered the day after posting, target with the new system being more than 95 percent.

Letter sorting centre Briefzentrum Ost (BZO)

This centre will be the key element of the new logistics network of Austria. Preparatory work has begun in October, 1996, basic work in March 1998, and opening should take place in December 2002.
Investments for this letter sorting centre:

Building construction, piece of land included 620,- million ATS
Technology, machines      760,- million ATS

Total amount  

1.380,- million ATS

All sorting centres of the Vienna directorate will be concentrated in BZO, sorting being, of course, fully automated.
"Laying of the corner-stone for BZO is a very important step in restructuring Österreichische Post AG's logistics system. One has to remember that some 40 percent of total mail volume incoming and outgoing Austria will finally be treated by this sorting centre," said Mr. Jörn Kaniak, managing director in charge of logistics and distribution.
The new centre will be staffed by some 800 persons for a very long time.