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Quality Monitoring by International Post Corporation

Pressemeldung from 15.09.2000

Enhanced Quality of Service of European Postal Companies
Österreichische Post AG Among The Best

Österreichische Post AG ensures excellent quality of service

According to a study made by International Post Corporation (IPC), Österreichische Post AG belongs to the best - following Germany, Italy, and Switzerland - as con-cerns letter post service. No other European postal company equals Österreichische Post AG as to forwarding letter post from Austria to neighbouring countries. A letter sent from Austria to Switzerland takes as a mean less than two day, to Germany two full days. Quality of service for mail sent from Austria to all countries participating in the regular study (all EU countries, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland) has been en-hanced since 1998.
In 1998 a normal letter sent from Austria to Italy took four to five days, today the same letter takes just two to three days from posting to delivery, which corresponds to a quality enhanced by nearly 50% (!). Quality of service has also been considera-bly enhanced for mail sent from Austria to the Nordic countries and to Spain.

The UNEX System

In order to enhance quality of services offered to customers in international traffic, International Post Corporation created already in 1994 the UNEX (Unipost External Monitoring) system, monitoring quality of service for intra-European letter post items from posting up to delivery.

Results for the first semester 2000 confirm increasing quality of service:

The latest results pertaining to the first six months of 2000 show that quality of service generally increased in all European postal companies.
In international service 93.7% of priority letters are delivered all over Europe three days after posting the latest, the mean forwarding duration being 2.2 days. Since the first study six years ago quality of service has been enhanced by 24.2% or nearly one day.

For further information, kindly contact:

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