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New rates for letter post items and parcels, addressed Info-Mail, and special services as of January 1st, 2001

Pressemeldung from 29.09.2000

Simplified rates structure - enhanced transparency Rate for a standard letter will still be 7 ATS

Following a recommendation of the Austrian pricing committee, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation, and Technology approved the new rates for the reserved sector of postal service.
Österreichische Post AG established a very clear rates scheme for the whole product and service range showing increased as well as reduced rates entering into force on January 1st, 2001.

Rates remained stable for more than three years
The last rates adjustment having taken place in 1997, rates must now be adapted to the general cost trends. For this three years period, the consumer price index shows an increase by some 4.2%.

Standard letters
Rate for the most important part of items sent by post, i.e. for domestic and European priority letters, will not change and will still be ATS 7.00.

Rate for postcards will increase from ATS 6.50 to ATS 7.00, as logistics and technol-ogy for treatment of postcards are the same as for standard letters, and as most European countries already introduced a single rate for domestic letters and post-cards.

Info Mail and special services
Rates for addressed Info Mail may slightly increase, modulation of weight categories will, however, bring about some reductions. As of January 1st, 2001, rates for a few special services - unchanged for some 50 years - will increase (e.g. the rate for a P.O. Box).

Very favourable rates in the European context
As compared to highly industrialised countries of the European Union, many services offered by Österreichische Post AG are very advantageously priced. For most weight categories Austrian rates are considerably below EU mean rates. Simplified rates scheme and rates adjustments for the weight categories are based on common EU directives, and on new requirements in the distribution and logistics sectors.

Domestic parcel service
Parcels posted in domestic service are now classified into 30 weight categories, a special rate applying to each of these categories. According to new rates entering into force next January 1st, number of weight steps, and, thereby, number of rates will be reduced to six only. As of this date there will be only the following weight steps: up to 2, 4, 8, 12, and 31.5 kilograms.
This new rates scheme will lead to price increases as well as to price reductions.


  • Posting of a two kilograms parcel will cost, as of January 1st, 2000, ATS 49.00 instead of ATS 42.00 up to this date.
  • Posting of an eight kilograms parcel will cost, according to the new scheme, ATS 75.00 instead of ATS 82.00 in the old system.
Very favourable rates for parcels also as compared to other EU countries
The new rates scheme ensures Austria the cheapest prices in domestic service for parcels of the lower weight categories, as compared to other highly industrialised countries of the European Union.

EMS items - domestic
Weight categories will also be changed for domestic EMS items, for which rates will be identical to the normal domestic parcel rates, except for the two kilograms weight step. Here also there will be price increases as well as price reductions.

  • An EMS item weighing up to two kilograms now costs ATS 95.00, the same item will cost ATS 110.00 as of January 1st, next year.
  • Price for an eight kilograms EMS item will be reduced from ATS 170.00 today to ATS 150.00.
International parcel service
Today there are three possibilities to send a parcel abroad: by surface route, by air or by SAL (Surface Air Lifted), which combines both.
As of January 1st, 2001 there will be only two possibilities, i.e. the "standard parcel" (Standardpaket) ensuring rapid delivery taking into account economic aspects, and "rapid parcel" (Schnelles Paket) which will always be forwarded on the quickest route.

Similarly to the system for domestic parcels, the rates structure will be simplified for ease of use.

As of 2001, there will be only six international zones, for which a uniform base rate of ATS 150.00 per parcel has been fixed. According to the zone the destination country belongs, an extra charge of ATS 10.00 to ATS 90.00 per kilogram will be added. This extra charge is doubled for "rapid parcels".

EMS items:
The zones applying to all parcels also will apply to EMS parcels. In this case - as forwarding is extremely rapid, and, therefore, costly - the base rate will be ATS 420.00, the extra charge being quadruplicated as compared to standard parcels.

Publication of Österreichische Post AG's new General Terms and Conditions
According to legal requirements, the new General Terms and Conditions are to be published in an appropriate form three months before entering into force. As of Octo-ber 2000 a copy of the new General Terms and Conditions of Österreichische Post AG may be ordered at any post office in Austria. They will be simultaneously pub-lished in Österreichische Post AG's homepage to be found under the address

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