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New postal developments

Pressemeldung from 18.08.2000

Internet Protocol used for in-company phone calls
Successful "Voice Over IP" pilot of Österreichische Post AG

Österreichische Post AG introduces new communication solutions for in-company phone calls.
"Voice Over IP" is a new voice data transmission technology based on the Internet protocol. When calling using the telephone network, voice is forwarded by means of digital signals, with "Voice Over IP", voice is addressed to destination digitised, compressed, and packed. At the other end data are "translated" into voice.
Traditional telephone lines only allow transmission of one call at a time, calling with IP on the contrary allows for forwarding simultaneously other data also.
Integrating voice and data into a single communication network considerably reduces costs of in-company communication, and is, at the same time, a basis for new technology developments. According to Mr. Max Schaffer, Österreichische Post AG's C.I.O., "Voice Over IP" secures considerable advantages by "ensuring easy and cost reducing networking of different equipment types".
In a pilot test twenty posts at Vienna headquarters have been equipped with IP phones. As this first tests gave very satisfactory results, IP phones will be installed for some posts in Graz, followed by networking of both these pilot locations.
Satisfied with these test results, Mr. Anton Wais, CEO of Österreichische Post AG, says: "New communication technology serves optimise costs of big companies. Österreichische Post AG imperatively has to take early advantage of future developments."

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