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Österreichische Post AG's new rates computing machine now online!

Pressemeldung from 11.09.2000

Unique features - very simple handling!

Österreichische Post AG's homepage - - has been given a rates com-puting machine unique as concerns efficiency and user friendlyness.

A few mouse clicks help finding postage rates for letters, parcels, and EMS items to all countries and regions world wide.

This computing machine offers the possibility to enter all options (weight and forward-ing means), and also describes all available extra services and/or alternative possi-bilities which may be immediately entered by users. Special forwarding conditions and limitations as the case may be are immediately given for all destination countries. A mouse click helps to get very clear information on terms and products. The sys-tems leads the user step by step to the required rate information (and cheaper alter-natives, if any). The programme even shows the way to correct entry errors.

"Many postal companies have rates computing machines in the Internet, most of them, however, only for the most frequent type of forwarding to a few countries only. Österreichische Post AG's new rates computing machine is no doubt unique, at least in the German speaking world", says Josef Halbmayr, member of the Management Board in charge of branch network, marketing, and sales.

For further information, kindly contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Company Communication
Public Relations Service
Mr. Michael Homola
Phone: +43 1 515 51 5217