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Österreichische Post AG's New Product

Pressemeldung from 05.10.2000

Direct Marketing: Info-Mail select* - Welcome to the best chosen addresses in Austria.

Direct marketing benefits more and more from considerable changes in customer communication like One To One Marketing or Customer Relationship Management. According to the Austrian Direct Marketing Association (DMVÖ) this market has a turnover of ATS 14.8 billion in Austria.
Österreichische Post AG's direct marketing services are the best link between provider and customer

New: Info-Mail select* - Selectivity replaces general distribution
Österreichische Post AG's Info-Mail select* is the missing link between existing services like Addressed Info Mail and Non-Addressed Info Mail developed for the Austrian direct marketing market.
Info-Mail select* allows distribution of information to a specific target group, but does not require knowledge of names and addresses. Österreichische Post AG and its partner Schober Information Group know best what are the "relevant post boxes".
Using the largest private addresses data base in Austria, Österreichische Post AG chooses best addresses for your Info-Mail select* items to reach your target group. Selection is based on some twenty criteria like age, civil status, purchasing power, dwellings, lifestyle, etc.
No need to stress advantages of such proceedings: enhanced response rates and reduced production costs. Pilots by mail order and branded articles business show a two-digits efficiency increase of advertising campaigns.

Three products covering the whole range of requirements
Info-Mail select* is an advantageously priced product to be considered, as concerns targeting, an intermediary between Addressed Info Mail (personal mail) and Non-Addressed Info Mail (general distribution). According to Mr. Josef Halbmayr, member of Österreichische Post AG's Management Board in charge of Branch Network, Marketing and Sales, Info-Mail select* is a very interesting alternative to existing very successful direct marketing products of the company. "Non-Addressed Info Mail is meant to reach a maximum number of prospective customers, Addressed Info Mail serves targeting customers, and the new product Info-Mail select* defining a target group according to specific criteria will bring about new customers," says Mr. Halbmayr.
According to Mrs. Manuela Voss, Marketing Manager Info Mail, "Österreichische Post AG's new product Info-Mail select* covers the direct marketing and product sampling needs of industries like commerce, financial services, telecommunications, and/or branded articles."

For further information, kindly contact:
Österreichische Post AG
Company Communication
Public Relations Service
Michael Homola
Tel.: +43 1 515 51 5217