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Österreichische Post AG: Wage Round Agreement

Pressemeldung from 13.12.2000

Wages will be increased by 2.3%, and by ATS 525.00 at least

Long and difficult negotiations of company management and staff representatives ended very late this evening by an agreement for a two years period, wages being increased by 2.3%, by ATS 525.00 at least in 2001, and ATS 400.00 ATS at least in 2002.

This agreement is subject to WIFO and IHS (two Austrian marketing research companies) inflation rate forecasts on October 31, 2001, fixed to be 0.5% at least, and not exceeding 2.6%.

It has been furthermore agreed that bargaining of the collective agreement for newcomers is to end on March 31, 2001, the new collective agreement being prerequisite to face the requirements of an up to date service company.

This is Österreichische Post AG's first wage round agreement valid for a two years period, accompanied by onset of negotiation of a new collective agreement. "Österreichische Post AG, a company on its way to privatisation, is to look for new opportunities in each and every sector. This agreement, coming on top of the recently introduced performance oriented participation scheme replacing the former Christmas bonus scheme, proves once more importance of constructive negotiations," says Anton Wais, Österreichische Post AG's C.E.O.

This two years wage round agreement is essential for company development and stability. Wages increase testifies appreciation by management of initiative and co-operation staff showed up to now in the reorganisation process.