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Increase in sales and revenues at Österreichische Post AG

Pressemeldung from 11/25/2003

Positive trend in half-year result continues in third quarter of current financial year

During the first nine months of the financial year 2003, Österreichische Post AG achieved an operating performance of € 1,163.83 million and profit from ordinary activities amounting to € 28.69 million. During the same period last year, Österreichische Post AG recorded an operating performance of € 1,113.20 million and profit from ordinary activities amounting to € -11.08 million.
Sales revenues increased from € 1,078.02 million to € 1,111.01million over the same period of time.
During the first three quarters of this year, EBIT amounted to € 29.82 million as compared to € -12.22 million in the first three quarters of the previous year.
At the end of September 2003, EBITD amounted to € 105.81 million, by the end of September 2002, this value was € 60.62 million.
The headcount decreased from an average of 29,337 full-time equivalents during the first three quarters of 2002 to an average of 27,368 employees during the months January to September 2003. This corresponds to a reduction in headcount by 1,969 full-time equivalents.

  Quarters 1-3, 2003
(in million Euro) 
Quarters 1-3, 2002
(in million Euro)
Operating performance  1,163.83  1,113.20  5%
Sales revenues  1,111.01  1,078.02  3%
Profit from ordinary activities  28.69   -11.08  359%
EBIT 29.82  -12.22  344%
EBITD  105.81  60.62  75%

Development of sales volume in the individual divisions
The Letter division, the strongest Österreichische Post AG division by far in terms of sales, was able to improve sales figures from € 518.42 million during the same period last year to € 532.80 million this year.  A key reason for this increase was above all more revenues from standard letter items, philately products, and the import of international letter items. The basis of increased revenues in the import of international letters segment was a significant improvement of item throughput times.
The sales volume of the Info-Mail division fell a bit short of the one achieved during the first nine months of the previous year: sales figures decreased from € 247.04 million to € 245.03 million.
The reason for this decline in sales figures in the Info-Mail division is the growing trend for un-addressed mailings. Un-addressed mailings (Info.Post) generate lower revenue margins than addressed ones.

The Branch Network was able to raise sales figures from € 127.61 million to € 133.81 million.
The positive development was due above all to an increase in revenues from finance and retailing products (additional product range).

The Courier.Express.Parcel (CEP) division increased its sales volume by five percent from € 111.88 million to € 117.20 million, which is attributable primarily to a positive development of the mail order business.

The Media Services division achieved the largest increase in sales, in terms of percentage, among all of the five divisions of Österreichische Post AG. Revenues mounted by 20 percent from € 65.77 million to € 78.88 million. This significant growth was due above all to extra revenues generated by the delivery of daily, weekly and monthly papers.

  Quarters 1-3, 2003
(in million Euro)
Quarters 1-3, 2002
(in million Euro)
Letter  532.80 518.42 3%
Info-Mail  245.03 247.04 -1%
Branch Network  133.81 127.61 5%
CEP 117.20 111.88 5%
Media Services   78.88 65.77 20%

Rudolf Jettmar, member of the board in charge of finances, sees the positive development at Österreichische Post AG as noted already at the half-year term confirmed by the present results.  “The balance for the first three quarters of the current financial year is the result of a consistent course focusing on cost optimization, productivity, customer loyalty, and quality.” 

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